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Consumer Data and Predictive Analytics

Turn Big Data Into Smart Data

Virgin Pulse’s data and advanced analytics are focused on helping health plans, large employers, providers and other risk-bearing healthcare organizations address the critical business and quality factors that drive organizational performance. Through our robust consumer and provider data sets and advanced analytics, we deliver actionable insights for precise targeting. With reporting based on data aggregated over a period of a decade from public and private sources, we’re able to offer a holistic view of individual needs and preferences over time.

Moreover, our patented machine learning, genetic algorithms and advanced analytics have been recognized by the Validation Institute to reveal quality insights about individual health status, impactability and receptivity of health programs. Powered by data, our methodologies have been instrumental in achieving true personalization.

Overcome major business challenges with data and analytics

Proprietary Database: A robust consumer database on 275M Americans, covering 140M households with 800+ variables enhances client-provided population data.

Virgin Pulse is adept at leveraging consumer data to identify receptivity and impactability through leading advanced analytics.

Achieve personalization to deliver a more meaningful consumer experience

Virgin Pulse’s machine learning and predictive modeling far surpass traditional targeting approaches (e.g. segmentation and consumer inputs) to deliver a personalized experience to each individual member, employee, patient or consumer. We input and normalize all types of data, run this collective data through predictive models using AI and machine learning, and ultimately create a personalized experience that connects individuals with the right resources via the right channels.