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5 Tips to Drive Customer Acquisition and Retention by Looking Into the Future

You have incredibly valuable programs that address real-world, urgent health and wellbeing problems. Yet consumers are more distracted and harder to engage than ever before. You need new ways to effectively get your programs into the hands of people who need them, and to drive consumer loyalty by delivering value through ongoing activation.

As consumer engagement experts, one of Virgin Pulse’s proven ways to drive customer acquisition and customer retention is predicting what people need and offering it to them in a personal way. The more people see and use your program, the more value you’re delivering.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Is your outreach strategy one-size-fits all? You and I both know that just won’t do, so we’ve curated some tips for you!

Whether you’re currently focused on customer acquisition or retention, Virgin Pulse has got you covered. Here are our must-have strategies for driving customer engagement to achieve topline growth for your organization while maintaining customer loyalty:

  1. Put predictive data and analytics to work. Relevancy matters. To make the most of your program, you need to understand who needs your specific program, and who will be receptive to it. With an extensive consumer database like what Virgin Pulse has curated covering 275M lives, you can create targeted outreach lists of consumers who currently or are likely to need your program, as well as who is likely to engage with it.
  2. Use multiple channels, multiple times, to reach and engage consumers. Leveraging multi-channel, multi-cycle communications to connect and engage health customers, using email, text, IVR (automated calls), etc., will help your messages break through. Did you know you can boost the performance of your outreach by up to 300% when you use 4 or more channels? We encourage you to maximize your outreach strategy by using multiple touches over an extended period of time, ultimately making your campaigns work smarter.
  3. Make things personal. Personalization is more than using a person’s name in an email. It combines the previous two points by treating people as individuals and offering them relevant programs through the communications channels they prefer. All of Virgin Pulse’s solutions are rooted in data and predictive analytics. When you work with us, you can offer the right person your program, at the right time, using channels they will pay attention to. This alignment delivers great results, like  400% higher engagement in a digital health program than among self-identified individuals.
  4. Get onboard with activation. Getting people to register for a program is one thing; getting consumers to take and complete actions is another. As the consumer activation company, with over a decade of experience getting customers to take actions that matter, we know how to precisely target and reach people in a truly personalized way. We also have expertise in leveraging rewards and incentives. Let us know if you want to learn more about how we’ve mastered this challenge!
  5. Ask for help along the way. Acquiring and retaining customers is not a one-man job, so don’t be afraid to tap an expert for help. With Virgin Pulse, you can take advantage of our unmatched consumer data and predictive analytics capabilities to drive optimal engagement and activation to your program. It’s not enough to just get your customers to enroll in your programs; you need to show them the value through consumer activation.

I See You…Using these Tips

Did you know that with these strategies you can predict, with up to 90% accuracy, who is need of help and will be receptive to wellbeing support?

We’re experts at building and executing multi-channel outreach to activate populations in meaningful and personalized ways. Stop the guesswork and connect directly with the customers that will grow and stick with you.