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Customer Success Stories

"The changes that I made were working. These results gave me my peace of mind back.”

Corteva Agriscience Employee
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"Not everyone wants a gym membership or is tracking steps. People have different abilities and strengths, so we wanted there to be a variety of options for each employee that meets them where they are AND gives them something new to try."

Maureen Borland - Human Resources Senior Manager, Health and Welfare Benefit Programs
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"APH has been a trusted partner for many years, helping us identify risk and manage that risk in various ways. Their analytics, support and involvement have been instrumental in our success. They are a resource as well as an advocate for improved health of our employees."

Lori Coder, Benefits Director
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"30% of our employees indicated that they were interested in programs around stress management in the Virgin Pulse app. Where we’re still working remotely, this insight is invaluable and makes it so much easier for us to understand what our employees need from us to support them professionally and personally."

Trevor Ames, Director, Global Benefits and Wellness
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"Employees are able to quickly and easily access these benefits through the Virgin Pulse app. They’re able to directly connect with a real person to get quick, in-the-moment support whenever they need it."

Lauren Chestnut, Manager of Wellbeing and Worklife Programs
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“2020 was all about adaptability. Understanding the future was not fixed; the present was unpredictable, and the choices we made had significant personal and community impact. Virgin Pulse provided a space of stability, familiarity, and assurance for our colleagues when it was desperately needed.”

Mitch Martens, Wellness Manager
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“It gave us a way to keep the culture preserved during a time when it easily could have been negatively affected by the pandemic.”

Steve Sost Vice President of Internal Communications
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"I think Virgin Pulse is doing such an incredible job of helping people to realize that wellbeing is a whole person."

Elizabeth C., Wellness Specialist

"There's been a culture change. The daily engagement is the best thing about the program."

Lauren Heath - Benefits Coordinator
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"The Virgin Pulse program is at the core of the LiveWell strategy, incorporating incentives, screening tools, fitness trackers, and challenges into one comprehensive program."

Leigh Ann Henderson - Wellness Program Manager
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“Knowing that Virgin Pulse has been making really good strategic decisions has helped us make our decision even easier.”

Jenny V., Wellbeing Program Manager

“I like the ability to customize and integrate all of our different health and safety initiatives into the Virgin  Pulse platform.”

Jamie Aslin Team Leader – Ergonomics, Health, and Wellness
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Personal Success Stories

Lorna Walker couldn’t find a way to lose weight without eventually gaining it back. Being held accountable for her activity gave Lorna the extra boost she needed to lose 13 pounds, and keep it off for good!

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Ariel Struggs wears her pedometer everywhere she goes to keep on top of her goals. Since then, she has dropped one dress size and lost 15 pounds!

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Since signing up for Virgin Pulse, Jennifer Hill lost nearly 50 pounds, lowered her blood pressure, and doesn’t have to take medications for her health issues anymore!

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Since getting a pedometer, Barbara Dawson never lets herself miss a chance to get in more steps. Even when waiting in line, she will step from side to side. If there is an opportunity to move around, she will take it.

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Christie Glidewell used to decompress with TV after work. Now she runs/walks to get more steps instead. She also bonds with her kids by playing dance games on the Wii, and has never felt better about herself.

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Simply by walking 30 minutes every day and watching what she ate, Darlene Rigby lost nearly 25 pounds in 10 weeks! She also inspired her husband to walk with her at home, too.

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Anita Coyle was inspired to walk more after being able to track her daily progress. She also got to spend more quality time with family because they would join her on walks.

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Brigitta Phillips never misses more than one day at the gym anymore, and her commitment to fitness motivates her friends and family to make lifestyle changes, too!

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Elizabeth Vaughn realized that even a few extra steps a day can make a big difference. Now she makes healthier food choices and is more engaged in daily activities.

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After becoming more aware of his daily activity levels, Dejuan Ware was able to reduce his body fat by 4% while building 10 lbs of muscle mass!

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Not long after joining, Emilia Gurgu noticed a change in her behavior. She wanted to move as much as possible to get more daily steps, and she lost a little weight during the process, too!

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Cynthia Robinson was trying to lower her blood pressure for a long time. After joining, she gained the motivation to do just that. Now her blood pressure is healthy and she lost four pounds!

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Jack Izor‘s achieved his daily goals and got to spend his reward money on gear that encourages a healthy lifestyle, such as hiking boots and a backpack!

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After wearing a pedometer, Kimberly Harshbarger realized she wasn’t as active as she thought. Since then, Kimberly got in much better shape, completing several 5K’s, and two half marathons!

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After Mark Welch joined, he felt obligated to work out daily. After a year, he could see the improvement in the quality of his life, and is in the best shape he has ever been in!

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Amanda Wilson fell in love with taking care of her health after joining. She added vegetables to her diet, started running 5K’s, and hiking on her free days!

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When Stephanie Henry moved, she lost her workout partner and will to work out. Now her new workout buddy is her pedometer. She is back to working out six days a week, happy, and strong!

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When Gloria Surratt realized she could no longer fit into some of her dresses, she changed her diet and made walking a top priority. In six months she lost 30 pounds and can wear her dresses comfortably again!

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Virgin Pulse helped Kristin Taulli see just how much she was capable of accomplishing simply by walking. In the past two years, she lost 20 pounds, and lowered her blood pressure and BMI!

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Nikki West signed up to motivate herself to be more active. Now she has more energy, looks for excuses to walk, and got her dog and husband to join her!

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Seeing an increase in her daily activity level gave Ashley Deal the enthusiasm she needed to keep pushing forward. Daily challenges kept her accountable for reaching her goals, and now has more energy and feels a lot better overall!

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Before using Virgin Pulse, Cassandra Buttin was not active. Now that she can track her steps, she started going on walks, and even began running! Now she feels healthier, and used goals to create less stress in her life by reading/relaxing.

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Melissa Gray started having a happier outlook on life once she began exercising and eating healthier. She has lost 22 pounds and her relationships with loved ones have grown stronger.

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Wearing her pedometer became a daily habit for Julie Maahs, making sure that every step she made counted. She has lost 10 pounds and plans on completing two half marathons!

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Even when Denise Davidson didn’t feel like exercising, she was encouraged to get up and get moving anyways. She got back into strength building and walking, and is more energized and committed to achieve every goal she sets for herself.

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Deborah Gardner decided that she needed to live a healthier lifestyle. Although it was hard at times, motivation from Virgin Pulse and support from loved ones helped her lose 120 pounds!

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Jay Stubbs had no choice but to stay strong and healthy for his family. Virgin Pulse helped keep him on track with his goals by reminding him to get moving during times when it was easy to be lazy. Now he is enjoying the time he spends with his wife and kids.

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Motivated by her family to get in shape and be healthy, Brittani Sanford started tracking her activity level and eating habits. In 14 months, she lost 85 pounds and continues to maintain a healthy diet and exercises regularly.

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In the past year Tom Jenkins dropped over 50 pounds by increasing his activity level, which also influenced him to adopt healthier eating habits. Now his energy levels are higher, and managing stress is a lot easier.

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 Gary Greenberg was pushed to work out five days a week to get more active minutes. His heart got stronger and healthier after a few years, which ended up saving his life. He never goes anywhere without his pedometer now, and is in the best shape he has ever been in!

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Wearing a pedometer helped Linda Jones see that she was not as active as she thought. She started taking more walks and joined a few classes at the gym and now feels healthier, breathes better, and has more energy!

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Andrea Fulton was happy to be making money for losing weight and being healthy. It motivated her to keep walking and getting more daily steps, which helped her lose 40 pounds!

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After having her third child, Shari Noll used her MAX every day to get back in shape. The pedometer also created a fun environment at work, making it easier for her to stay on track.

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After having to give up running, Char Garbett made sure to stay active. She walks as much as possible because it helps relieve tension on joints/muscles. She realized you don’t need to be a runner to stay in shape, just keep moving!

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Robert Forsyth learned more about how to eat healthy and eat smart. He has lost 54 pounds and is in his healthy BMI range. His wife even started to walk more and eat healthy with him!

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Determined to lose belly fat, Andy McCown averaged in 18K steps a day for one month. His waist size dropped 4 inches, and he fit into a pair of pants he had never been able to button before!

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Not amused by negative feedback from his pedometer, Daniel Gonzalez made sure to increase his activity every single day. He has lost 95 pounds and has much less pain in his joints!

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Jean Trujillo started off walking more in order to lose weight, which lead to her completing a 10K for the first time! Now she has more energy and lost a total of 25.5 pounds!

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Craig Kelley is required to walk at least 30 minutes each day. However, he has become motivated to be more active and go above and beyond minimum requirement.

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Melinda Wren was inspired to climb to the top of Wheeler Peak near Taos, New Mexico – 13,159 ft above sea level. By the end of the day, she had reached 30K steps! She plans to move on to bigger mountains in Colorado next.

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Troy Childers increased his daily exercise routine, which helped decrease his insulin intake by 20%, and now he feels more in shape at 40 years old than he did in his 20’s!

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Sammi Owens told herself that she would reach 12K steps a day, bringing her dog along with her for support. She stuck to her goal, lost 14 pounds, and couldn’t be happier.

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By making the decision to go on a walks during lunch at work, Douglas Tasker managed to lose 9 pounds within a few months!

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Peter Naffziger was excited to see his progress at the end of each day, which made him want to walk from place to place instead of driving. He has noticed he’s trimmed down and feels stronger.

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Allan Marcus lost 20 pounds and lowered his blood pressure by tracking his food intake and exercising daily. He also started to sleep better at night, too!

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Ramona Biggs was inspired by her pedometer to walk more, which helped bring her blood pressure to a normal and healthy rate!

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Since joining the program, Mark Mundt started taking the stairs, eating healthier, and running/walking during his free time. He has lost a total of 25 pounds!

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Eunice Clark was encouraged by her MAX to meet her goal by the end of every day. Now a few of her relatives are wearing one, too, due to her successful experience with it!

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Since Edward Wood began tracking his exercise, he started going to the gym regularly and even decided to pick up sport cycling! He noticed that his stress levels aren’t as high and is eager to continue improving throughout the year.

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Every day, Andi Vorhies was challenged to get as many active minutes as she could instead of sitting around all day, which has helped with her physical therapy!

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Inspired by challenging co-workers and tracking his progress, Trevor Adams started running again. He has already competed in multiple 5K’s, a 10 mile, a half marathon. His next goal is to participate in a full marathon!

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Although Tammy Lusk was limited in terms of physical activity, she was still able to become emotionally healthier by engaging with others and participating in activities.

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Scott Gardner had gained the motivation to be the runner he once was in college. Every day he saw how much he progressed, inspiring him to work harder and eventually compete in his first marathon!

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Wearing a pedometer helped Cruz Baisa see how sedentary his life had become. He became more aware of the food he eats, and makes sure he reaches his goal by the end of the day. As a result, he can focus more on family and work.

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Since joining Virgin Pulse, Taletha Baum has lost 119 pounds and was able to keep it off for the past few years!

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Times where it would have been easy to be lazy, Virgin Pulse helped Melanie Riddick and her husband get moving. They have set new goals for themselves for the year, hoping to become even more active!

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Wanting to get more active minutes on his pedometer, Joe Suever added 45 minute jogs into his workout routine – something he has not had the motivation to do in 10 years! He is now in the best shape he has ever been in.

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Sheila Hood signed up for Virgin Pulse and started taking care of her body in a natural and holistic way. She lost 90 pounds and doesn’t need to rely on her medications anymore!

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Vanessa Cunningham enjoyed tracking steps and eating healthier by competing against her husband! Her daily activities were influenced by the amount of steps she took each day, adding a fun twist to being healthy.

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Jacob Bosecker was already healthy before joining Virgin Pulse, but there was opportunity to be more active. Now, he is the healthiest he has ever been in his life!

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James Counts lost weight and gained knowledge. He is healthier physically and emotionally, makes smarter choices such as reading nutrition labels, and understands that moderation is key.

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Norma Espina not only was able to get herself in shape with the pedometer, but her daughter as well. Now they both work together to stay motivated and get as many steps as possible daily.

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After Lou Lacey got her pedometer and found out she wasn’t exercising as much as she thought she was, she began tracking her progress and active minutes in order to reach her goal.

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Being reminded to be more active motivated Michele Menard to start jogging instead of just walking. After three months, she had already lost 20 pounds!

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Having given up on his health and energy, Tim Thorson joined Virgin Pulse and changed his life. He dropped 10 pounds, lowered his blood pressure, and became more engaged in the world around him!

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Competition and challenges encouraged David Bohanon to add more steps and time in order to get ahead of his friends and co-workers.

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For Andrew Allee, it was easy to stay engaged and on top of his goals. Intrigued by challenges and the capability to track his daily activity, he was able to get in shape and continues to live a healthy life for him and his son.

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Bored with her regular work out routine, Jennifer Jameson decided to join Virgin Pulse. Tracking her pedometer and competing in challenges made it fun for her to stay healthy, and she ended up losing 25 pounds!

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Determined to lose weight, Megan Moses joined challenges which encouraged her to keep pushing forward. She lost 30 pounds and continues to track her weight and accomplish her goals.

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Szymon Mucha became more motivated to work harder at the gym and reach his daily goal of 7,000 steps, which is more than twice of what he was doing before!

Read More

From making a few changes in her life, Stephanie Tubbs began building her confidence again and has made friends along the way!

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Not only was Tamara Morris influenced to walk more, but to eat healthier as well. She is now more energized than she has ever been!

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Yancey Del Rio was able to begin swimming, something she has been thinking of doing for a long time. Virgin Pulse helped her become the active person that she wanted to be.

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Motivated by the low number of steps on Caleb Jeppsen’s activity tracker, he made sure to get outside in order to reach his goal of at least 7,000 steps that day.

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Before joining Virgin Pulse, Aaron Richards was only able to walk 3-5K steps a day. He progressively gained his active lifestyle back, and is now walking up to 12,000 steps each day!

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Rewards and competition motivated Matt Frangenberg to get back in shape, allowing him to lose 12 pounds and reduce stress in his life.

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Jamie Anderson was not only driven by the benefits she was getting, but also by the benefits she wanted others to have due to her will to keep on stepping.

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Nick Campbell was able to stay motivated to reach his goals in a fun and exciting way, and was able to compete in his first half marathon!

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Josh Diehl was influenced to start walking again instead of just cycling, and found new ways to stay active.

Read More

Chris Hockley was motivated to change his eating habits after running his company’s 5k race. After losing 100 pounds, he’s now off his CPAP machine and healthier than ever!

Read More

With the support of his family and friend’s, Charly Fontanilla lost 50 pounds, reversing all of his weight-related medical conditions.

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Changing up her eating habits, making healthy meals at home, and exercising with her family, helped Cristie Rhoades hit her weight loss goal of 75 pounds.

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Inspired by his family, Ronnie Guest adopted healthy habits and reduced his cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose to healthy ranges.

Read More

Monica Jackson improved her quality of life and her relationship with her children by making heathy changes.

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Shawn-Marie Riley lost nearly half her body weight and averages 7,000 steps a day!

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Lorna Walker

Incentive and Acountability

I began the program in October of 2011. Attempts at losing pounds have all been like a roller coaster ride. You lose, you gain. I knew I needed to increase my activity since I have a “desk job”. VP has given me that extra boost to lose 13 pounds. I love this program it keeps me accountable for my activity.


Ariel Struggs

Exercising 3-5 days per week and a healthy diet.

I have been a VP participant for almost 2 years now! Since starting VP I am a lot more active and more fit. I see my success in inches rather than weight loss. Since beginning the program I’ve dropped one dress size and lost close to 15lbs. My family and friends have noticed that I wear my pedometer everywhere I go. It helps to keep me on track with my goals. In the past month, I have gone from averaging 7k steps per day to 12k per day. I am more motivated to move thanks to Regions Bank and VP.


Jennifer Hill

Having an exercise buddy

Has made me more aware of several health issues. I have lost 49 pounds. Lower my blood pressure and no longer take any medications.


Barbara Dawson

Look for any opportunity to move

Since getting my pedometer, I have definitely become more active. I try to do a lot of little things that will add up. While I’m at work, I make more trips to the printer instead of letting my documents pile up. While waiting at the printer for my documents to print out of my mailbox, I will step from side to side. In the checkout line at a store or restaurant, or while waiting for an elevator, I will step from side to side. I love to shop and use that as an opportunity to get more steps. I will walk up and down all the isles, even if I am not looking for anything in particular. When I go someplace, I park further away instead of searching for the closest spot. When I go to the beach, I go out and walk on the beach and enjoy the surroundings instead of sitting around. Sometimes I walk the parking garage during my lunch while reading, listening to my favorite music or making a phone call. At night, I will often walk or run in place for several minutes while watching TV. When my husband and I go out to eat, he likes to sit for awhile after eating. Instead of sitting there, I go outside and walk around in the parking lot until he comes out. When we are travelling, I get out of the car and walk around while my husband is stretching his legs. When we go out to a local club to listen to music, I get up and move instead of just sitting there.

Why stand still if there is an opportunity to move around?


Christie Glidewell

Setting Goals, Good Attitude and Enjoy Life!

I think I am addicted to Virgin Pulse. It has challenged me in so many ways. I have become more active in my daily routines. I use to come home from work and sit down to relax with a little TV. Now I find myself checking my steps in the evenings and wanting to make my goal I head to the track and walk or run. I play dance games with my kids on the Wii. I have felt so much better over the past year. Virgin Pulse makes it fun with the challenges they put out there. And I have decided to save my money to purchase a fit bit tracking device!


Darlene Rigby

Setting and Goal and being Faithful to it

On March 16, 2013, I made a decision that I wasn’t going to be the FAT Aunt in pictures for my niece’s College Graduation, which was coming up in 2 months. Aly was set to graduate on May 11th so I had to get with it !! I started walking at least 30 minutes a day, ate every 3 hours and watched my carbs, sugar and calorie intake. I started weighing every Wednesday and kept a log of my weight loss. When I began, I weighted 188.7 and in 10 weeks I was at 164.7. WOW, I would have NEVER thought that I would have lost that much in just 10 weeks. It really helped me to lose so many pounds by staying on track with everything I was doing and being faithful to do it EVERYDAY ! I was eating a GOOD breakfast each morning and 3 hours later a 100 calorie snack, a good healthly lunch 3 hours later, another 100 calorie snack in 3 hours and then a healthy supper 3 hours later. This help with my metabolism. I used 30 minutes a day of my lunch break to walk and the other 30 to eat. (I am still doing this today) I have gotten SO MANY compliments on how good I’m looking and questions on how I am doing it ! I’ve even gotten my husband on board with walking with me at home. This has been a WONDERFUL experience ! I NEVER want to be that heavy again. Thanks to Virgin Pulse for giving me the confidence I needed to do this !


Anita Coyle

A desire to live a long life with my husband.

While I have always had a workout routine, using a pedometer and the computer tracking system makes it more fun. I used to workout 3-4 days a week, but now it’s more like 5-6 days a week. I feel like a slug when I don’t get in my 7,000 steps a day. My husband goes for long walks with me on the weekends and my children will walk with me if I need extra steps for the day. I haven’t lost weight, but I do feel good about my exercise routine and like using the pedometer.
I like tracking it! It’s just fun.


Brigitta Phillips

Commitment, Consistency & Challenging myself to keep it up!

Since joining the Virgin Pulse program, I have maintained my target weight for nearly two years. Having a goal to earn the maximum HealthMiles each day motivates me to work out even when I want to play hooky. If I miss a day at the gym, I feel guilty and jump back in there the next day. Before joining the program, one missed day at the gym would become one missed week. A week . . . a month and so on. My commitment to fitness motivates my friends and family to make a lifestyle change too. It’s awesome to earn cash for fitness activities.


Elizabeth Vaughn

Wanting to get more fit/ competition amoung co-workers

Participating in the Virgin Pulse program has made me more aware of the difference that even a few extra steps a day makes. It all adds up to make a Big difference. I make better choices when it concerns activities and food choices. I love the program and the competition among my co-workers gives us a chance to share in each others successes.


Dejuan Ware

Consistency and using external influences as motivation.

The Virgin Pulse program have encouraged me to become more aware and accountable for my daily fitness activity. As a result, since beginning the program, I have reduced my body fat percentage by 4% while increasing my muscle mass by 10 lbs….all in only 4 months! 🙂


Emilia Gurgu

Staying motivated is the key!

I started working in the Corporate Trust Department for Regions a little over six months ago and was really excited about the Virgin Pulse program once I heard about it from friends at work. I thought it was great that our company and so many others like it offer such a beneficial program for their employees. Needless to say, I hopped on board with the program within my first few weeks at work and noticed the difference in no time at all. I wanted to move more and do more just so I would get extra steps here and there and then started noticing that I was losing a little weight in the process and for that I am very grateful! Hopefully I can keep it up and keep it going, staying motivated is the key and that little pedometer does wonders for your motivation level! Thank you Virgin Pulse!


Cynthia Robinson

My Secret to Success it is determination and constantly moving forward

For a long time I wanted to lose weight and keep my blood pressure down. Since starting with Virgin Pulse it has made my dreams possible and make it fun while doing. I have lost at least 4 pounds and going. My blood pressure down to normal. I go to the keose to check my blood pressure Monday of each week. Most Mondays I smile when read the results. It’s a process but I am winning!


Jack Izor

Eat right, and stay active!

My pedometer has helped me know exactly what I am doing step-wise so I know when I am achieving and when I am slacking a bit. This helps me stay on track day to day to make sure I am getting it done! I’ve used my rewards money to purchase gear that helps encourage an active lifestyle in fact I just ordered a new backpack and boots and will be using them to get steps during a week-long hike of the Great Smokey Mountains in the fall!


Kimberly Harshbarger

Keep moving

I had always considered myself an active person before joining Virgin Pulse. Once I got my pedometer it was an eye opener and showed me that I wasn’t as active as I thought. Wearing it everyday made me aware of how much I was sitting and made me get up move. Since I have completed several 5ks and have completed two half marathons and now I am training for my third half marathon this fall. I am in way better shape since joining and feel so much better.


Mark Welch

Every single day, no excuses, no matter what.

Virgin Pulse has allowed me to hold myself much more accountable for daily workouts and runs. Since I started the program about a year ago I have worked to run and workout every single day possible and have seen great gains in muscle mass, toning, and feel like I’m in the best shape of my life! The network of members that are a part of Virgin Pulse, competitions, rewards, and activity/step trackers have definitely helped improve my life.


Amanda Wilson

Portion Control and Walking Daily

Before joining this program, I rarely ever went out of my way to walk during the day at work and after work. I only moderately exercised and the weekend and ate okay, so I thought my health was pretty decent. Since joining this program, I have gradually become in love with walking all day every day. I am continually trying to find new ways to move around throughout the day and feel antsy when I have to sit down. I walk during my lunch break and as often as possible after work (when I don’t have to work to late). My fitness on the weekend has picked up as well, I have taken on running 5k’s and hiking through state parks whenever I get a free day! My diet has also increased drastically in the last year. I ate a salad for the first time in my life a couple weeks ago and have actually found some I like. I have introduced tons of new vegetables into my life, while kicking tons of unhealthy stuff to the curb. I have had fun being competitive with a few friends at work to see who can get the most amount of steps and do the best. It makes us all aim higher and want to do better for ourselves! Overall, I would say Virgin Pulse has transformed my daily eating habits, physical lifestyle, and overall health and well-being! Thanks a ton, Virgin!


Stephanie Henry

My GoZone is my new workout partner

I have always been fairly active. I’m no Marathon runner, but I like to consider myself healthy. I am staring at my upcoming 40th birthday and a “Ga’ Zillion” different responsibilities that make daily work outs a time management challenge.

Before I moved to Florida from Texas, 8 years ago, I used to work out every day with my mother. (Yes, I said my work out partner was my MOTHER) back then, I was competing on the amature sprint triathlon circuit regularly and was placing in most races. When I moved and lost my workout partner, I also lost the biggest part of my committment to my workouts. So I basically went from triathlon champion to couch potato within the first couple years in my new environment.

I joined Virgin Pulse a year and a half ago, and my pedometer became my new “workout partner”. I am now working out at least 6 days per week and feel strong. My recent annual physical and bloodwork indicated all levelsand numbers to be perfect. I actually fell off my mountain bike a couple months ago and broke my elbow. I healed faster than the doctor expected “for a woman my age” – the age comment actually did come from the doctor. And, I regained full range of motion, which was much more than the doctor expected. I even did all of my physical therapy on my own after they gave me the excercises. I have signed up for the MS 150, have run a road race recently, and will be playing on a flag football team starting in September. I am regaining my physique and fitness level, thanks to my new workout partner and Virgin Pulse.


Gloria Surratt


I began the program shortly after it began being offered by Regions. I did walk; but I didn’t take it as seriously until I was planning a vacation. I didn’t realize the weight I had gained until I tried on some formal gowns I had previously bought at bargain prices. I couldn’t fit into them any longer. I was bound and determined I would fit into them on my next cruise. Although I did try to eat better, my main thing was walking during my lunch break, and I would often get to work early and walk 15-20 minutes as well. Within 6 months I had lost 30 pounds and I was able to fit into those gowns. I’ve still got a few others I have not worn; so I try to monitor my weight and keep up the walking.


Kristin Taulli

Always wear your monitor

I have been on the Virgin Pulse program for two years. In that time I have lost twenty pounds, lowered my blood pressure and my BMI. I look forward to plugging in my pedometer to see how many steps I took today. I love wearing in when I go on vacation. I went to Disney World last year and too 32,000 steps in one day. Explained why I was so tired. With out Virgin Pulse I would have never known I had the capability to do that.


Nikki West

Get those active minutes!

I signed up for Virgin Pulse to help me set goals and motivate myself to get moving. Little did I know how much better I would feel! I’ve lost a little weight, which even though that was my primary reason to participate, its a nice bonus. I’ve definitely got more energy and I look for excuses to walk…. anywhere! I’ve even gotten my husband and dog involved! We try to walk around the neighborhood every evening. Thanks Virgin Pulse for keeping me motivated!


Ashley Deal

Be fearless! You can do it, just believe!

I feel that stepping into the challenges each day has giving me goals and has made me accountable for day to day activities.. It gives me a little push and enthusiasm to see increase in activity and just having fun along with an incentive! I am thankful for the Virgin Pulse family that being said I have a little more energy and feel a lot better!! Thanks again!


Cassandra Buntin

Never give up, never stop moving

Using Virgin Pulse, I can see how much I’m moving, so it causes me to move more. Before I started using it, I was lazy. Now, I go for more walks, and even go for runs. I used to hate sweating, but now I feel healthier. I also have used the goals to create a less stressful life, by reading, and relaxing.


Melissa Gray

Eat clean and get moving

About 5 months I was diagnosed as weighing 220, having cholesterol at 276, and being pre-diabetic. My Dr was very blunt. She said everything wrong with your health is related to your weight. I still wasn’t ready to change (how is this possible). I spent a day with my father. Helping him move some furnishings. I had suspected my father was a hoarder, but until this day it was not confirmed. He is also a 2 time cancer survivor and a full blown diabetic.

My father has always been a strong and intimidating man. I will always see him that way, but on this day, by the end of the day he could barely walk even with the help of a cane. My eyes were opening to my future if I didn’t make changes. I was so miserable and irritable. After this day, I decided to remove refined sugar from my life. Now this is much harder than you might think as sugar is in every jar, box, and package you can imagine buying from pasta sauce, to soup, bread, pasta. If it wasn’t alive (animal, vegetable or fruit) it probably has sugar in it.

I am not perfect, but I am at about 80-85% refined sugar free. I started at Regions and joined Virgin Pulse as soon as I could. I have lost roughly 22 pounds, I love myself and those around me in a way I wasn’t able to show them in my extremely irritable state. I look forward to checking my steps throughout the day to see how I am doing and going to the Dr for my next check up to see how my Cholesterol is.


Julie Maahs

Daily accountability!

I began using Virgin Pulse May 22, 2014.
This program created an instant “accountability partner” for me.
Keeping me in check and on track with my daily workouts and activities.
It has become a habit to have my pedometer on at all times so I don’t miss any crucial daily steps.
It’s super fun and super simple.
Best of all I am down 10 pounds and I’m keeping it going on my journey to two half marathons I have planned. 1st one in November this year and the 2nd one at Disney World in January.
Very Happy, very Motivated and seeing huge success.
Thank you!!!!


Denise Davidson

Pushing myself when I don't feel like doing it.

I have been a part of Virgin Pulse for a couple years now and I am very thankful for the program because it motivates me to go the extra mile (step) when I don’ really feel like it. I have been recommitted to strength building and walking. I am more consistent with trying to meet my personal health goals and I feel so much more energetic.

My goal at the beginning July to walk a minimum of 12,000 steps ended in August, with only good intentions and nothing more. When Virgin Pulse extended the challenge this month to match up to 100 Health Miles August 30th through September 1st, it motivated me to try and reach my goal that I had set in July. I know it has only been a short time since the challenge was extended, but I have met or exceeded my goal every day. I am excited and motivated to be consistent with meeting my goals.

I am very grateful that Protective Life Corporation sponsors their employees with this wonderful program.


Deborah Gardner

Stick to a plan, little steps help to achieve bigger ones.

In October 2010 I finally decided I need to do some changes to my lifestyle such as eating and exercise habits. Since that time I have lost approx. 120 pounds, I was under a doctors care during that time. Now I exercise regularly each week, I have more energy and just feel a lot better all around. It’s not always been easy but I have wonderful friends and family that have encourged me along the way. I’m very grateful for all of them. I’m also thankful to work for a company that promotes health and is willing to give us this program as motivation.


Jay Stubbs

Consistency, Discipline and Predictable

In October 2012, we were blessed to know that two more children would enter our lives! But we were expecting them in early May 2013, not Feb 27th – 10 weeks premature on top of mandatory bed rest for my wife starting Jan 10. Our life went from exciting to scared, then to single-parent for me (due to the bed rest). Our boys, ages 7 & 3 had needs to.

Virgin Pulse helped me stay on track with a goals based system where each day I was motivated to get moving and stay healthy. I tracked blood pressure, weight and exercise. My energy levels stayed high and my lifestyle remained on track. It could have been very easy to be lazy, but I didn’t because my family needed me.

Today my twin girls are 6 months old and healthy, my boys are a thousand miles an hour, and my wife is back to managing it all.

I just try to be the glue that hold it all together. My glue is strong thanks to Virgin’s program and Protective Life offering it.

P.S. One of my award gift cards in the Spring of 2013 was Babies R Us – Diapers!!!

Proudly Submitted,

Jay Stubbs – Mobile, AL


Brittani Sanford

Acceptance of no "quick fix"

At 238 pounds and 5 ft 4 inches, I decided on 1/30/10 I didn’t like the way I felt. I figured I would “try” and lose 20 pounds. I’d tried before and failed so I expected that I would this time too. Then my life, and health perspective, changed forever that Valentine’s Day. I received a phone call that my Dad had a heart attack. I rushed to Florida. My Dad weighed in at 508 pounds at just 5ft 10 inches tall. Obesity had been a life long struggle for him. I learned that day that obesity will, in fact, take your life. Because of the depth of the fat in my Dad’s chest, shocking his heart had little impact. I promised myself, and my dying father, in his hospital room, that I would do better. Parents always want better for their children, right? I would do for myself what my Dad could never do for himself. My Dad died 2/17/10.

Even after his death, I learned of the impact of obesity. I received a call 20 minutes after I left the hospital after my father’s death informing me that his body would not fit through the morgue door. I had 2 hours to find a funeral home to pick him up before he began to decay. My father’s ashes were too large for one urn, so I had to purchase a second urn. I never once considered the impact of obesity on surviving family members even after death until my Dad died. Sticking with a weight loss and excercise plan was really hard while grieving his loss. On the days I couldn’t do it for myself, I did it for him. A few months later, I joined Virgin Pulse. I was determined to be more active. The program, in conjunction with an eating program, helped me lose 85 pounds over 14 months. I keep up with my activity level through my pedometer and eventullay bought a HRM to track my fitness even further. Today I maintain my weight through a healthy diet and excercise. I figure that staying fit and healthy is the best gift I can give to my family.


Tom Jenkins

Consistently using the pedometer to measure my activity.

In the past year I’ve lost over 50 pounds and the Virgin Pulse program has been as big part of my success! It started with a severe case of kidney stones last summer that eventually required surgery. During a two-week period I was unable to eat much and dropped a few pounds “the hard way” as a result.

Feeling better after the surgery and motivated by losing a few pounds, I decided to attempt to lose a few more and researched the Virgin Pulse program at work. I found the pedometer and website gave me the feedback I needed to increase my activity, and tracking my progress on the website gave me the reinforcement I needed to keep it going. The occasional challenges and extra incentives kept it fun and served as extra motivation so it never got boring.

I began riding a stationary bicycle and using a home gym to increase my activity level, and even started mowing my lawn myself to increase my step count instead of paying the neighbor’s kid to do it for me. (I’m not sure the neighbor’s kid appreciated this, though!) The increased activity and improved eating habits, have greatly improved my sense of well being and energy levels and aided in managing stress. In addition to losing the weight, my glucose, cholesterol and BP are the best they’ve been in years.

My doctor said he wishes he could prescribe a kidney stone for some of his other patients that need to drop a few pounds, but I think hooking them up with Virgin Pulse would be easier, and a LOT less painful!


Gary Greenberg

do not go anywhere without your go zone

My name is Gary Greenberg and have been with Protective for 11.5 years. As is the case with many of us I have always fought with my weight. I had been 300+ pounds at times. About 3 years ago I started with Virgin Pulse and our company got proactive with health. I started losing weight before I signed on to Virgin Pulse. I was about 250 pounds when I started and lost about 80 lbs, and stabilized about 170 pounds.

My go zone was my incentive. I started walking and went back to the health club. My goal was to get 12,000 steps a day. Then I found out about active minutes and found if I pushed myself a little more I would get them also and decided 12,000 steps was not enough so focused on 20,000 steps a day and at least 60 active minutes a day. Protective partnered with Midtown Athletic Club and I received a membership that I could never thank Protective enough for.

My story gets better; On September 27th 2012 while working out at 5:00 am as I did every day. I was doing my cardio and something happened. My heart stopped I was thrown from the machine I was on, and laid on the floor in cardiac arrest. A member at Midtown saw this and ran to get a trainer, at the same time the person in front of me was a doctor, he went and did compression on me while the trainer got the AED machine and had 911 called. They shocked me and my heart started back up. I was still not breathing and got CPR to get me to breathe. When the paramedics got there I did not know what happened and tried getting up to finish my work out. I had no idea that something happened. They would not let me up and went to the hospital where I had a double bypass due to 100% blockage of my main artery.

I was walking the hospital the second day after surgery and went home on the 3rd day. The bottom line is that my heart created it’s own bypass because it is a muscle, and with all my years of working out that kept me alive. If it wasn’t for Virgin Pulse, my heart would not have been strong. I had no heart damage and am back to working out 5 days a week without missing a beat. I have now taken CPR and AED training at Protective because I never want to be in a position where I cannot help someone having a heart attack. I thank Protective for being proactive in wellness, I thank Virgin Pulse for getting me to think about wellness 24/7 because I go nowhere without my go zone and without the people at Midtown Athletic Club I would not be here at all to tell my story. For more info and pictures Google Gary Greenberg at Midtown for newspaper articles and short video.


Linda Jones


I have always thought that I lead an active life. Well, the pedometer told me a different story. Once I started wearing the pedometer all the time, I realized that I was not moving enough.
Now I make a habit of getting up from my desk and taking a walk. Also since I started wearing the pedometer, I take a step class and a Zumba class.
The pedometer is a constant reminder to get moving. I feel healthier. I breathe better and I have more energy. I am so glad that my employer has the Virgin Pulse program.


Andrea Fulton

Avoiding Mindless Eating!

I think the Virgin Pulse program is great at motivating the team players, myself included. I use the pedometer to help keep myself accountable. I get excited any time it hits 12,000 steps, as I know that will give me points I need with the Virgin Health Miles. The plan keeps me happy with weight loss and being healthy, but it also helps me financially. I’m happy PHH has implemented this program to help us earn some money while working on our health. Using the health miles along with a weight loss program, I am down 40lbs and feeling great. Thank you!


Shari Noll

Believe in it and it will happen

I have worked with PHH for 2 years during that time I have always had the Virgin Pulse program to use. Last July I delivered my third baby girl and that took a toll on my body. Since then I have been using my tracker daily which gives me the motivation to keep going on getting myself healthy. I have started eating better an maintained a much better attitude. Also with the new tracking system and daily challenges it has made it a fun atmosphere at work also. We have gathered most of us in the office to walk daily when we can and we even dable in making challenges for each of us which makes it fun also. Virgin Pulse is a great perk. I enjoy using it and look forward to using it for more years to come.


Char Garbett

Keep Moving

I am new this year to Virgin Pulse. I have always been a very active person prior to this but being in the program gives me the monetary incentive as well as a sense of accompishment. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and my life drastically changed. I struggled to even walk some days and the pain was at times unbearable. Although I have had to give up running, I have managed to stay active by just focusing on the little things. My feet never stop moving – I “walk” while doing dishes, brushing my teeth and even watching TV. Our bodies were meant for motion – joints & muscles feel better when they are moving! You don’t have to be a runner or an athlete to get in shape. Having a pet is a great motivator to talk a walk!


Robert Forsyth


I started the program as way to motivate myself into more activity. My goal was mainly to get more active and the challenges motivated me through my competitive nature. As I started walking and hiking, I began to have more energy and to enjoy it more. These are things I expected, but the program exposed me to some other benefits that I hadn’t expected. Through this program I learned about MyFitnessPal which has made a huge difference in what I eat and how much I eat. I’m eating much healthier and much smarter. Because of the exercise and the healthier eating, I have lost 54 lbs and am finally within my healthy BMI range. The articles, tips, and Vielife programs have all been very helpful and informative. I’ve also had more motivation to attend the health and safety classes at work and that has given me additional information that I would not have had otherwise. Another unexpected benefit is that my wife has began walking more and eating healthier too. Thanks to the Virgin Pulse Program, my family and I now have the tools to be healthy and to maintain a healthy lifestyle into the future.


Andy McCown

Make it a priority to walk, dance, or skate!

I have never been what some might call “Overweight”, and some might even classify me as “Skinny”. However, like so many others, I had an extra 10 or 15 pounds across my middle that I was not happy with. It was always a nuisance, and never seemed to just “go away”. When the Virgin Pulse program began in January, my goal was just to get in better shape and ultimately gain the maximum monetary benefit. After averaging 18,000 steps per day through April, I was quite pleased to see my waist size drop 4 inches. What was even more rewarding was to go to a wedding and for the first time wear a pair of dress pants that I had NEVER been previously able to button in the front! Now THAT is success!


Daniel Gonzalez

Be goal oriented and persistent

In June of 2013, I took on a new position that required me to walk much more than the job I had for the previous 4 years. I went from being a desk jockey to a field operations manager for a large site. Just one of the buildings in this site is a half mile long. I’m responsible for walking the length of that building, and many others, while performing inspections. At more than 100 pounds overweight, it wasn’t easy to do.

I experienced pain in my joints shortly after starting the new job. So I went to the doctor to see about it. She told me that I was starting to feel the results of a lifelong weight problem. Arthritis is what you have, the doctor said. I thought she was joking. No one has arthritis in my family. But she said it was the kind of arthritis that is caused by chronic pressure on the cartilage; pressure from my weight. I had arthritis and it was painful. For this reason (and many more), in November of 2013, I embarked upon a weight loss program.

From November through February, I changed my diet and stuck to the program fanatically. I didn’t push into exercise during that time; I wanted to get lighter before stressing my joints. By March, I had lost significant weight and felt it was time to get in motion. In March, I began walking, taking stairs, going on hikes and bicycle rides. At first, I had some limited success being active but it was an on again off again sort of thing. Then, I decided to get a Virgin Pulse pedometer offered by my employer. I really never thought wearing a pedometer would have any impact on a person’s behavior. I certainly didn’t think it would affect mine. Boy was I wrong. It started slowly. I was hovering around 6 to 7 k steps a day and I liked seeing the daily upload on a graph – I like graphs. I didn’t like it when the graph showed me I had a very low activity day. So I started wanting to increase my activity not just some days, and not just work days, every day. Seeing those results on my graph motivated me more. Using the Virgin Pulse pedometer and website was motivating me to be active and helping me lose weight!

It’s July and walking is easy now. So are climbing stairs and hiking. Practically everything is easier to do. Ever since I started using the Virgin Pulse pedometer and website, I’ve become more conscious about being in motion. It has helped me get closer to my weight goal. And being lighter has resulted in a reduction of the pain in my joints. I’m sold on the idea of using the Virgin Pulse pedometer and website. I think it can help anyone. It sure has helped me. Now I shoot for 10k steps a day, every day.

How has my weight loss continued? I’m down 95 pounds and getting close to goal. I will succeed. And my pedometer will help me get and stay there.


Jean Trujillo

I and accomplish anything by setting my mind to do it.

In December 2012 I decided that I wanted to buy a new dress for the New Year’s Eve dance. When I went to the store the size I usually bought did not fit me. I had to buy a bigger size. I was so upset. That is when I decided to lose weight. That day I bought three dresses. I wear one of the dresses to the dance. I decided to take the other two dresses back to the store. I was determined to wear the size I usually wear to a graduation party that I was invited to that summer. My friend told me about the Virgin Pulse program. So I joined it. It helped me figure out what foods I needed to eat. I also decided to walk more each day. I also participated in a 10K for the first time. I felt so pleased that I completed the 10K. When I joined Virgin Pulse that motivated me to go take longer walks at lunch time, after work, and at home. I also enjoy the challenges with the competition of who can do the most steps for certain amount of time. Even though I do not take the first place badge, I know I am doing a great thing for myself. I have lost 25.5 pounds since I decided to lose weight. I have more energy now. It feels great when someone tells me that they noticed I lost some weight. My children saw what I was losing weight and decided to do it too. My son has lost 140 pounds and my daughter has lost some weight too. I am so please that I motivated my children and that I lost some weight. I feel better about myself. What was great is that I wear the dress I wanted to wear for the graduation party!


Craig Kelley

Just do it and never give up!

Virgin Pulse is keeping me on track! I have had minor lower-leg circulatory problems and been required to walk at least 30 minutes every day. Virgin Pulse has not only given me a great interface for recording my steps, but has also pushed me to become increasingly active with its challenges and positive reinforcement. Virgin Pulse is leading me through a healthy, active lifestyle. Thanks Virgin Pulse!


Melinda Wren

Acheiving Great Heights

Virgin Pulse inspired me to climb the highest point in New Mexico recently! I sucessfully summited Wheeler Peak, 13,159 feet above sea level, located in the Sangre De Cristo mountian range near Taos, NM. I not only climbed my highest peak to date, but I also set a new personal pedometer record of over 30,000 steps in one day. I will soon tackle my first fourteeners in Colorado in a few weeks.


Troy Childers

Good Attitude, Perseverance, Willingness to adapt

A typical day with my health gadgets:
As a type 1 diabetic for 38 years, I always have my insulin pump, Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), and now my pedometer fixed to my body all day long. I amplified my daily exercise regimen since starting the Virgin Pulse program, which has resulted with better glucose readings and a decrease in my daily insulin intake by roughly 20%. Just turning 40 in December, I physically feel more in shape now than I ever did when I was in my 30s or 20s.
I started the program with the default value of 7, 000 paces, within a few weeks increased it to 15, 000 and now averaging 20, 000 – 25, 000 a day. I have noticed a “psychological push” I bring upon myself when I look down at my pedometer and notice some arbitrary number, and decide “well, if I have this many steps going from point A to point B, then let me try to add more by taking a longer route.” In addition to my daily Revolution and Absolution classes, I increase my step count by finding a parking spot as far away as reasonable when attending meetings, parking at work/wellness center, or going to the grocery store among others. I’m training for my first half-marathon – something I never dreamed of doing. I am passionate how the Virgin Pulse program helps me push myself with the ultimate reward of my overall improved health.


Sammi Owens

Instilling positive reinforcement of Good Behaviors into my lifestyle

Since Virgin Pulse started at my workplace in January I have dropped 14 pounds and, even better, I reduced 4 inches in my waist! It has been steady slow sustainable changes to my lifestyle through the combination of the entire concept- an upbeat positive long term change attitude, learning programs so dense packed with good advice that multiple reviews still glean new food for thought, lots of positive reinforcement of good behaviors, friendly rivalries with co-workers, timely reminders, supportive chats and social connections, tools to help with sleep and depression, introduction of a great meal tracking app, and more!

My kids left for college a couple of years ago and like so many other empty nesters do, I struggled to determine my place in life post daily mothering; my previously hectic life turned sedentary and I really packed on the weight. My daughter’s dog Moose was left behind and he was very sad to lose his buddy too. One of my biggest positive changes was to promise myself to get at least 12000 steps per day usually requiring an evening walk with Moose. We are blessed to live in the New Mexico high desert climate that makes these evening walks so peaceful and comfortable. It’s taken a while, but Moose and I are buddies now and both much happier.


Douglas Tasker

Keep at it

Virgin Pulse has helped me keep to my New Year’s resolutions and lose more than a few too! Fitness wise I’m in pretty good shape – or so I thought – but resolved to lose the three pounds I gained over the holidays. My exercise routine already involves 5 or 6 hour-long workouts a week and I eat healthily. But the plan was to walk more often at lunchtimes and keep at it.

Well it worked! I’ve been walking most lunchtimes at work since then, typically for 30 to 45 minutes. My weight in January was 168 lbs and now in July its 159 lbs, just from walking with the pedometer. I feel great and am having to buy smaller clothes. Yes!


Peter Naffziger

Don't leave home without the Pulse.

The real value of the Virgin Pulse pedometer has been the encouragement to achieve baseline steps per day and hit new goals. I have used a pedometer while walking around my work site (a particle accelerator) which is particularly large and this encouraged me to walk more but since using the Virgin Pulse, seeing my progress and steps documented in a consistent and measurable way has been a much greater motivator to get my walks in during the day. Moving from place to place and tracking the progress is a real moral booster, especially when I am feeling a bit lazy and might otherwise drive or ride a bike. This gets me to walk around 3-5 miles a day and sometimes more. While my weight hasn’t declined much, I have definitely trimmed up and feel stronger.


Allan Marcus

Exercise and tracking food intake on MyFitnessPal

I started the program overweight and with high blood pressure. About the same time as starting the program I decided to get into better shape. I purchased an elliptical trainer, got a pedometer from VirginPulse, and signed up for MyFitnessPal. Through tracking my food intake and exercising daily I have lost over 20 pounds. I sleep better at night as well.


Ramona Biggs

Bumped up my exercise (walking).

My blood pressure was high, after starting Virgin Pulse, I increased by exercise (inspired by my pedometer) I average 14,000 steps per day. My blood pressure is now normal: 106/74!!!!!


Mark Mundt

diet and exercise

I have been walking up and down eight flights of steps since we heard we would get a health program at our sight. My wife has helped a great deal with diet, vegetables and fruit. I also began running on a tread mill before lunch. Also taking walks and jogs on the weekend. I’ve lost 25 pounds since these activities began. Support from active friends has helped as well.


Eunice Clark

One Step at a Time

Go-Zone = Motivation. This extension of my body has turned out to be a great motivator. On the seldom days I forget it, I miss it. It’s number are a constant reminder of what needs to be achieved each day. It not only makes me think about movement each day, but encourages me to meet my goal. It’s my friend that tells me how I did at the end of the day. Because of my successful experiences with the Go-Zone, a few of my relatives are now wearing pedometers as well. It’s contagious!


Edward Wood

My wife who is vegan and a workout queen motivates me.

Since Epicor Software joined this program and I started tracking my exercise. I now hit the gym for cardio workouts on a fairly regular basis and I have also taken up Sport cycling. I ride an average of 50 miles per week and sometimes up to 100 miles per week.

I cant claim to have lost much weight as I am still struggling with changing my diet, but I have found that my stress levels have reduced quite a bit due to endorphins. Looking forward to improving over the next year.


Andi Vorhies

Get up, and get moving!

Not sure if it’s really a success story, but my MAX challenges me daily to beat my own step counts. To see how many active minutes I can actually get with MAX, as well as helped me with my physical therapy to get moving instead of sitting all day.


Trevor Adams

You will carry what you consume. Is it worth it?

Virgin Pulse has been an excellent motivator / reminder to get out from behind the desk and be active. Being able to track personal progress and challenge co-workers has been fun and inspiring. Since signing on earlier this year, I have started running again and have completed several 5K’s, a 10 mile and half marathon so far and am signed up for a tough-mudder event in October, half marathon in November with goal of running full marathon in Phoenix with a co-worker. Absolutely credit Virgin Pulse for igniting the spark to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Tammy Lusk

Engaging with Others is my Secret to Success

My success story is likely very different from most heard in the past. You see, I am disabled and very restricted in terms of physical activity. However, Virgin Pulse has helped me mentally. This past year especially, it has encouraged me to join groups and participate in other types of activities. The interaction with others has been the most beneficial because it moves me away from being depressed and alone to being engaged with others and happier in general. I can tell a major difference in my mental status since last year and especially now with all the cold weather and blah-type days. Thanks Cummins and all those at Virgin Pulse for making this possible through non-physical activities and opportunities for engagement!!


Scott Gardner

How bad do you want it?

With Virgin Pulse, I had a new motivation to be the runner I once was in college. My Health Miles pedometer, was my new accountability partner. Everyday, it reminded me of my performance and progress. This new inspiration that Virgin Pulse gave me led to goal setting. During the summer of 2013, I decided to run the first annual Mill Race Marathon in Columbus, Indiana. This would be my first ever marathon. My goal for the marathon: complete the 26.2 mile course in under 3 hours.

As I was training for the marathon, I felt so alive. Runners high doesn’t even begin to describe how great I felt after completing every run. When it came to race day, I was very excited to perform. When the gun went off, I hurried into my first marathon. It was a long and hard race, but in the end, I completed the course in 2 hours and 56 minutes. I had accomplished my goal.

What’s next? It’s time to bring that time down. 2 hours and 45 minutes is calling me.


Cruz Baisa

Typing on the treadmill does a body (and mind) good.

Virgin Pulse has helped me become more conscious of the decisions I make that affect my health. Wearing a pedometer and being accountable to the number it measures forced me to accept how truly sedentary my lifestyle had become. Since starting with Virgin Pulse, I have become more active and put more thought into the food I eat. Getting reminders about staying fit and healthy outsources that part of my brain and allows me to focus on my work and family. Simply by checking my pedometer near the end of the day, I can decide if I need to jump on the treadmill and for how long. These small steps have made a big difference in my sense of well-being; my waistline has benefited too.

I recently switched to tracking my activity with a Fitbit Force. I find that the added detail and increased ease of use has further motivated me in my improvement. However, I would caution beginners from paying extra for such a device until accustomed to the traditional pedometer; it’s hard to appreciate the extra value until you’ve appreciated the program.

I would recommend Virgin Pulse to others, and I look forward to measuring my progress and achieving my goals in the future.


Taletha Baum

That what does not kill me, makes me stronger.

I have had great success with Virgin Pulse. Since I have started with Cummins, I joined the Virgin get healthy bandwagon. It stuck with me and I have made so many goals. My pedometer keeps me accountable. I’ve lost a total of 119 pounds and have kept it off the past two years.


Melanie Riddick

Always keep moving and portion control!

I have been a marathon runner since 2005, but the last time I ran a full marathon was in November 2012. In December, Adam and I got engaged. By January, he had accepted a new job and we were moving from Tennessee to Indiana. In the midst of relocating, planning a wedding, and other life changes, I wasn’t running nearly enough. While I didn’t gain a ton of weight or anything, I just didn’t feel as good as I used to. I knew I wasn’t getting enough exercise.

The Virgin Pulse program gave both of us an extra incentive to get active again. We both loved the idea of earning some extra cash for achieving certain points milestones in the program. We have managed to get settled into our new home and life, got married, went to Italy on our honeymoon and are now excited to spend our first married Christmas together. While we both still have some goals to get even more active, we can see how the program kept us active when it would have been easy to get lazy. We both try to recognize that even doing something for 10 minutes is better than nothing – I don’t always have to run a marathon – a 5K is still great!

We have set a new goal for next year – to run one race a month, even if just a 5K. We’re going to run at least 2 half marathons together. And I may try to run another full later in the year. It feels good to exercise and feel like ourselves again!


Joe Suever

Motivated by the rewards

The challenge to collect 45 minutes of active time has amped up my morning exercise routine. For the last 10 years, I haven’t found the motivation to get beyond the doctor recommend 20 minute workout on the treadmill. Since the active minutes have been enabled on the healthmiles pedometer, I’ve successfully made 45 minute jogs a routine. As a result, I’m more fit and feeling better than ever.


Sheila Hood

Discipline yourself, Ask for spiritual guidance, Recognize your inner beauty

I was 265 pounds and taking 5 prescription medications in January 2012. I’m 175 now, no meds needed, healthy and happy ! ’nuff said !


Vanessa Cunningham

Don't let a bad day sabotage your goals, just wake up tomorrow and aim to do better.

I love a little healthy competition, so when I learned that I could challenge my husband to competitions using the Virgin Pulse program I was thrilled. We’ve challenged each other to get more steps, more active minutes, eat healthier meals and drink more water. There’s always a prize for the winner and it usually entails not doing laundry for a few weeks. I love not doing laundry! This year I hope to trick my husband into winning a competition that awards him with a full month of dishwasher duties …quite brilliant if I do say so myself.

The Virgin Pulse program and website motivates me by displaying facts about my step averages versus my peers. I don’t need to be #1, but I do strive to stay ahead of the curve and seeing the banner notices that announce that I average 1000+ more steps than my peers motivates me to keep my daily step counts up. I also really enjoy getting points for meeting with my Health Roads health coach. Virgin Pulse offers me many different avenues to keep my fitness goals in check and adds a healthy, competitive twist to my daily activities.


Jacob Bosecker

Learning a healthy lifestyle, then sticking to it.

When Cummins started the Virgin Health miles program I was healthy, but not at my peak. In the past two years Virgin Pulse, a healthy diet, as well as an active lifestyle has lead me to the healthiest I have been in my life. I now compete in Obstacle Racing across the USA. If there is one thing I have learned it has been that persistence and hard work will always help achieve your goals.


James Counts

Having a mind change is success - more mental than physical!

Success for me is “Mental not Physical”

It’s been over a year since working with the City of San Antonio through its Virgin Pulse Program to address the health of its employees. Have I personally had success with the numbers, yes, but that’s only been half of the victory.

Although I’ve lost almost 14 pounds that I’ve kept off, my blood pressure has dropped significantly, my waist size has gone down and my physical activity has gone up. But the real success story has been what’s happened between my ears. The knowledge I’ve gained about using food as energy, learning how to check and read the nutrition labels of food, and getting to the point where food is fuel and not comfort has been most important to me.

I come from a family where most are very overweight, have high blood pressure, diabetes and other physical ailments, all mostly due to weight. So, bad eating habits and eating for comfort has been a big part of my culture. While I’ve never been grossly overweight, it was a shock to see my weight was categorized as overweight and my Body Mass Index was higher than what was suggested.

Success for me comes from having a program, through the City that offers a Health Coach to assist and visit you once a month, map out your eating, workouts, and your knowledge of food. I now make smarter choices and learn that I can “cheat” in moderation and still remain in good health. For example, I’m a desserts freak who can’t say “no” to pies and cakes. Yet this year, the Thanksgiving dessert monster only lasted one day and not its usual six to seven days of bingeing. And I’m now more prepared to tackle holidays and social events in the same way.

The second way that this program has benefitted me is through the camaraderie of the co-workers. I can’t tell you how many conversations a week there are about how many steps you’ve taken, the challenges you’ve been a part of as well as the number of weight loss challenges you’re involved in. I believe the Virgin Pulse program is far better than the previous program and I hope that it can remain. After all, the whole purpose of health programs is to make it so that great health becomes an everyday part of your life. Having a mind change is success – more mental than physical! The $500 carrot being dangled out there doesn’t hurt either!


Norma Espina

Keep Moving

Kudos to whoever thought of bringing the Virgin Pulse to COSA!!!
It has been a wonderful program and has even been able to get the most “unwilling exercisers” moving more.

I would like to share a personal story and a suggestion for the program.

In Feb, I thought I had lost my pedometer and ordered another one. Before the new one arrived, I found the old one. Recently, I decided to put the new one on my 22 year old daughter who has Down’s syndrome to see how much she was moving when I wasn’t around. She has been getting heavier and I was concerned. Needless to say, I am not surprised she was only getting about 1000 steps daily. I was alarmed and knew that I needed to be the one that helped her, she could not do this on her own. Now, I’m about 2 weeks into the process of trying to teach her to choose good foods and daily movement for herself. I am happy to report she is moving more! And not as “sleepy eyed” as she used to be. She looks more alert and I like to think she looks happier. She still hasn’t lost weight but I’ll take the rewards where I can get them. She is motivated daily by the numbers that she is getting. Now she has been pretty consistently getting about 5000 steps a day and one day she even reached 11,000. She was ecstatic.

I think it would be GREAT if there were a way that family members could get an app where they can also have the ability to log their numbers and see their own progress. It doesn’t have to be for points but there should be an app for that. If the whole family gets healthy, generations stay healthy.


Lou Lacey

I stay motivated by celebrating my progress!

I love the Virgin Pulse program….honestly! I have always been fairly active but once I started using my pedometer, I realized I wasn’t getting as much exercise as I thought I was. I track my progress daily and really focus in on the ‘active minutes’. Whenever I am able to get 45 active minutes in a day- I feel great both physically and emotionally.

Another very important component of the program for me has been keeping track of my weight, blood pressure and BMI monthly. I have high blood pressure and this has enabled me to watch it more closely and get in touch with my doctor if it gets too high.

Finally, I love the positive feedback from Virgin Pulse. Everything is geared toward what I am doing that IS working….very encouraging!


Michele Menard

Keep moving, set goals, and continue striving for them!

I began using the Virgin Pulse program about a year ago when I started my career with Regions. I was excited to have a device that could help me track my activity (and remind/motivate me to be more active throughout the day). The fact that I earn rewards in top of staying healthy is a major plus! Within the first three months of use, I had lost 20 pounds. The daily reminder to move more motivated me to begin jogging and this led to the awesome results of weight loss. I’m so happy my company provides this program and that Virgin Pulse exists!


Tim Thorson

Pedometer, iPod, and a 'take no prisoners' mental approach.

I joined Virgin Pulse nearly two years ago when, at 58, I realized I had essentially ‘given up’ on ever feeling the energy and vitality I did as a much younger man. I was hesitant about joining at first, but over time, the Virgin Pulse pedometer has become a talisman of sorts, one that prompts me, subconsciously of course, to ‘get up and move’ every time I look at it. Over the last year, I have upped my daily average steps from under 5,000 to over 9,000, and have also added an every-other-day strength training regimen to my routine, something I do not believe I would have ever been able to go back to at my age without the prompting of the Virgin Pulse program. I know it can sound cliche, but I believe the old saying about ‘healthy body / healthy mind’ more so now than ever. The improvement to my overall health, dropping 10 pounds of excess weight and improved blood pressure, has increased not just my ability to tackle my job, but also my willingness to engage and resolve challenges.


David Bohanon

Having a running group that is social and competitive!

The “Spring into Fitness” challenge was a great way to start the warming season as, by seeing others that were also involved, it encouraged me to add extra steps/time to get and stay ahead. Being that all my workouts are outside, running in the rain/cold is part of the fun but I’m lucky to have a great group of “old guys” like me to run with. In the end, I was quite pleased, as a 57 year old, to have ended up in 15th place of all the participants and it was both the competition of the challenge and the social support of my buddies that helped me get there.


Andrew Allee

Living a healhty life to the fullest

When I first heard about this program, I was like.. okay no big deal, another health program to come and go. But after signing up and getting the pedometer/MAX checking the Virgin Pulse website, with all the challenges and seeing the progress of your steps, it all made sense and was intriguing in how it engages you. You got to see actual progress of steps, from a hourly, day, week or month. You are able to enter what kind of activities you did, calories and track your distance.

Another positive thing about this Virgin Pulse are the challenges, from steps ,to active minutes or even simple YES or NO answers. Challenge your friends, co workers.. that competitive spirit always drives people. It’s fun and entertaining and of course the cash is always a great incentive. I wake up, get ready and my Max is a permanent fixture to my clothing, on a daily basis. Makes me think twice, when doing my daily routines, take stairs instead of elevator. Walk that extra step… its been great tool to get me better in shape, maintain current level of activity, live healthier and live longer for my son.


Jennifer Jameson

The secret to my success is Healthy Competition

When I first started working out I didn’t have the Virgin Pulse activity tracker and I was getting bored. My supervisor prompted me to get one as it helped him stay engaged. Once I had my pedometer and I was trying to earn points and doing challenges to kick up my work out. My husband who also works for Taco Bell saw my pedometer and my online account and applied for his as well. We now have fun healthy competitions I have lost 25 lbs and my husband has lost 20 lbs. We have had so much fun competing with each other and co-workers. It’s the greatest opportunity to bond with co-workers and compete to stay healthy. Thank You Taco Bell!


Megan Moses

Always remeber who you are working for

I began my path to losing weight in March of 2012. I spent hours in the gym and stayed consistent, I lost over 15 pounds but found myself at a stand still. I joined Virgin Pulse in November of 2013 and immediately got involved in the challenges. I was determined to lose more weight and become a healthier me. I’ve lost a total of 30 pounds!! I am more motivated now and use Virgin Pulse as a way to keep me accountable for my weight and to complete my goals.


Szymon Mucha

Don't Give Up!

Once I enrolled into the Virgin Pulse program I pushed it a bit harder every time at the gym. By setting goals and milestones to reach a certain amount of steps daily made me want to achieve that goal. Before I would do about 3000 steps, now I jump on the treadmill daily and hit 7000 steps.


Stephanie Tubbs


Since signing up for Virgin Pulse, I have noticed multiple changes in my life. I have started to build confidence in myself again. I have made some wonderful friends who are not afraid of a little challenge! My measurements have dropped. I feel happy and healthy again! I can’t thank Virgin Pulse enough for helping me become who I am today!


Tamara Morris


I recently joined Virgin Pulse in effort to feel better and be much more healthier. My first change was instead of driving to get lunch each day, I walk which is roughly 30 to 32 mins back and forth during my lunch hour. I must admit I feel more energized than ever before!!!

I’ve also cut back on the portion I eat and have begun eating healthier. I can tell that it’s helping because after 2pm in the afternoon, I’m no longer sleepy wishing for a 5 hour energy drink, a piece of chocolate, or a nice cold Pepsi. (LOL)

I must admit joining has changed my overall perspective on living a healthier lifestyle and I welcome and encourage others to join the challenge.



Yancey Del Rio

Motivation and fun!!

It has really motivated me to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Swim. Ive been going over to my brothers and really trying hard to get in as many laps as I can. And having fun doing it!!! Also Ive been volunteering at the Local Humane society and getting a good workout there walking dogs and other fun things!! Thank you for motivating me!!!


Caleb Jeppsen

Self-discipline "Rest if you must, but do not Quit!"

Virgin Pulse helps me to get out of the house and cycle or play basketball. On days that I would normally not get up and workout. I look down at my meter and think, I need to do something to get over 7,000 steps. That is when it all happens for me.


Aaron Richards

Making small obtainable goals

When I first joined, it came at the most opportune time. I suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis, and my knees, ankles and hips were in constant pain. A simple act of walking more than 50 yards caused intense pain, even a mundane task such as mowing the yard for 40 minutes on a Saturday morning blew me out for the rest of the weekend.

Last June I started a drug trial, one injection every other week to treat my arthritis and psoriasis. Within a few months, I started gaining movement back again.

I was looking for way to ease back into getting in shape…I was scared of having my joints flare up again.

I got the notice that it was not too late to sign up for Virgin Pulse. Perfect! I signed up and slowly started walking.

At first I was only able to do about 3-5K steps a day, but it quickly went up higher and higher. I started taking the stairs more often (now I only take the elevator when I am carrying heavy objects or pushing a cart), taking walks (weather permitting) around the campus during lunch.

Now, I take 3 and a half mile walks every morning before work and end my day with an average of 12k steps!

I’m getting my active life back!


Matt Frangenberg

Don't just sit there! Get moving!

I wanted to get back into shape because I sit at least eight hours a day. I’m pushing 50 and I know that if I’m not in shape by then, it’s going to be a lot harder down the road. This program helped motivate me by offering rewards and competition to reach a healthier lifestyle. I’ve lost 12 pounds, walk at least 4-5 miles per day, sleep and feel better overall. I’ve also been able to reduce stress with exercise. Virgin Pulse has given me a reason to get moving.


Jamie Anderson

Others Focused

The Virgin Pulse program has given me an opportunity to give to others by giving the rewards earned to someone in need. When I feel like I just don’t have any more steps in me, I think about who it will benefit and it motivates me to keep on going.


Nick Campbell

Make goals and stay focused. Exceeding goals is quite satisfying!

Virgin Pulse HealthMiles constantly reminds me to push forward and keep striving for my goals. I participate in all their challenges such as eating right, making sure I am hydrated, and protected from the sun. I also really appreciate the opportunity to challenge each other. It really takes the obligation out of working out and pushes you to out perform each other. I have been personally wanting to run a marathon for over a year now and Virgin Pulse helps me stay on track and monitor my progress. In my attached picture, I have completed my first half marathon and placed 62nd out of 713 with a time of 1:42:56. I think this program is an excellent way to raise awareness of the importance of fitness, eating right, and staying active for all ages. The incentive to save on medical expenses is also very appreciated. I have been able to use the program to buy my new glasses and cover my co-pay when visiting the doctor. The site is fun and always something new to learn or to strive for.


Josh Diehl

No magic pills, just a healthy diet and exercise.

Participating in the Virgin Pulse program prompted me to start walking again. I circuit train 5-7 days per week and had all but dropped my walking program. I am now walking when I have time during the day, at night with my family and on the weekends. The Virgin Pulse program also led me to consider other ways to be more active including a stand-up desk and a treadmill desk. The combination of my walking program and my strength training program has allowed me to reduce body fat while increasing lean mass. That is in part thanks to the prodding of this program.

Thanks Virgin Pulse!


Chris Hockley

2013 HEALTHIES Recipient Spotlight

Since last March I have been trying to lose weight and get healthy. I was diagnosed with positional sleep apnea and at 36 years old I was prescribed a CPAP machine to help me breath at night while sleeping. I also snored like a raging bear. I was a big man – 6’5” and 344 pounds. I decided to take responsibility for this crazy issue and jumped headfirst into a lifestyle change.

Shortly after this decision came the announcement of the Jarden Run and I had the pleasure of meeting my CEO there. I was inspired by the event but also by my conversation with him of marathons that he does. I ran that day. I figure I did 3.5k of the 5K running. What a great lift that gave me. I have been running and weight lifting at the gym ever since I attended that day. I have changed my eating habits and the results are showing. Enough so that I felt I was about as motivated as I could be. Then came the announcement of our participation in the new Virgin Pulse program. I can’t believe just how much more inspired I am over what I was already. I’m horrified when I get through a part of a day or a workout when I realize I don’t have the GoZone pedometer with me.

It is with great pleasure that I share this story today.  As of this morning I am only 9 pounds shy of my original goal to lose 100 pounds. In less than 9 months! I realize now that I would like to lose a total of 120 pounds and I hope to get this done within a year from my beginning. I am faster, stronger and healthier than I ever have been in my life. Thank you. Thank you to my company and CEO for caring and for making such a drastic difference in my life and my family’s lives.


Charly Fontanilla

2013 HEALTHIES Recipient Spotlight

Virgin Pulse is such an encouragement to me in that it gave me the tool to monitor my progress and look forward in competing in challenges.

I used to be on multiple medications for asthma, hypertension, cholesterol and I was overweight. To make matters worse, my family had been struck with a loss which caused me to continue on with my poor health habits. On February 2013, my wife, together with 5 other close friends, encouraged me to start blending and juicing greens and fruits, cutting back on meat, and getting involved with some sports. I pursued this plan for about 12 weeks.

My doctor monitored my progress and she was amazed at my results. I practically reversed all of my medical problems. My cholesterol went down from 250 to 130. I lost 50lbs! Bringing me from an XXXL to a medium in my clothes. That day my doctor told me that I could stop taking my asthma, blood pressure and cholesterol medicines.

I have continued on with my progress by engaging in tennis, basketball and cycling – I recently finished a 20 mile course. My colleagues at work are astonished by the changes I have made physically. I get stopped by somebody who knows me everywhere I go. I never get tired of sharing how my life has been changed. Wearing the Virgin Pulse pedometer has been an inspiration for me in gauging how much I have accomplished for the day. The website itself is a remarkable tool in tracking and trending my progress.

Thank you Virgin Pulse for your program, the results are priceless!

Charly Fontanilla is a winner in our REACHING MAJOR MILESTONES category. Congratulations Charly!


Cristie Rhoades

2013 HEALTHIES Recipient Spotlight

I was extremely over weight. I could not keep up with my kids. They would always say, “Mom, why can’t you walk or run and play with us?” So one day I decided I HAD to do something about that!

I had just turned 45 and decided to make some changes in what I was eating. I added lots of vegetables, some fruit, a moderate amount of protein and really cut out most of the carbohydrates and dairy. I also started to exercise. I went to the gym 4 days per week. I walked everywhere I could and every chance I got.

I have made many positive changes at home as well.  We make healthier choices. We eat a lot of vegetables and use coconut oil to cook with now.  We take the kids on walks or have them ride their bike while we walk.  My 8 year old step son has gone from 90 lbs. to 77 lbs. I have gone from 260 lbs. to 185 lbs. I never thought I would see my weight below 200 lbs. again! I have been able to maintain this weight and wish to reach my goal of 165 lbs. by the end of this year.

I remember my Virgin Pulse pedometer 99.9% of the time. It helps keep me motivated when I see how many steps I really take and encourages to do more when I am close to my daily step goal.

I try to check in daily with Virgin Pulse. I like earning HM’s. I was also hesitant to join groups and add people I did not know. But everyone on this website is so encouraging! I find myself in the middle of many challenges. They motivate me to finish higher up in the ranks. Thank you Virgin Pulse for having such a great program and for my employer to encourage us to join!


Ronnie Guest

2013 HEALTHIES Recipient Spotlight

My name is Ronnie Guest and I work for the City of San Antonio and describe myself as an easy going, family-oriented veteran whose goal was to get back into shape. At 5’7” and 200 pounds, I missed the days I could run to stay fit and wanted to learn other ways to lose weight and get healthy. Since 2003, I’ve had four (4) surgeries on my left knee. I wanted to be an inspiration for other disabled veterans who need to get back in shape, as well as my co-workers and peers.  My family was and is my source of motivation.  Having lost my father at 46 and a sister at 42, I was is especially concerned about rising weight and cholesterol.  It was time for me to get active and spend more time with my family.   I don’t want to sit and watch while they are having fun like I do now.  After recently publishing a leadership book,  I realized it was time to take the reins as a leader and uncover the person I felt like on the inside.

Beginning on January 13th I began a 12 week journey to eat the proper nutrition, exercise several day per week to include:  (strength, cardio, and pool work).   The first few weeks were tough, but then something began to change and I noticed progress.   I noticed three stages:  See · Feel · Become

During this 12 week journey, I tracked my calorie intake, my exercises, and maintained a pledge to a new lifestyle as this was not just a 12 week plan, it was a “new lifestyle”.   During this time, I reduced my cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose into all normal ranges and reduced my body fat from 40.1% 26.3% and reduced my weight from 207 lbs, to 168 pounds.

Not only have I influenced my family, but now my co-workers are taking the pledge to get into a healthier lifestyle, and I continue to share my story as I speak with high school students in person, on my Facebook page and Twitter.   For me creative ways, included making healthy food fun and not cheating myself, but treating myself as I reached certain goals.   For me, my major milestone was getting my cholesterol from over total 246 down to the normal level.
This is my pledge:

I Ronnie love thee, this isn’t the reflection I want to see, there’s a better me trapped inside, life’s short there’s no time to hide, I may stumble but I won’t fall, because I love my family and must be here to support them all, I take this pledge to eat right and get fit, my journey won’t end and I WON’T QUIT!

Ronnie Guest is a winner in our SPREADING THE HEALTH category. Congratulations Ronnie!


Monica Jackson

2013 HEALTHIES Recipient Spotlight

This past December was the most unhealthy period of my life. I was 100 pounds overweight, and I wanted to do nothing but sleep and eat. I have 3 young, active daughters and a husband. I knew that my unhealthy lifestyle was unfair to my family, but I was depressed.

I had two sisters pass away in the last year, and I was very lonely and heart broken. My husband had been unemployed for 13 months, and I just let myself go due to stress and indifference. I have had 4 knee surgeries over the course of my life from sports injuries, and I just used that as an excuse when I didn’t want to be active.

My husband started a new job in December 2012, and we had the chance that I needed to start again. We were told about the Virgin Pulse program, and it was just enough motivation to get me going. I pushed myself daily to do the best I could do. It has been almost 3 months now, and I have lost 32 pounds. My goal is to lose 60 pounds by June, and I am on course to do just that. I have been roller skating with my girls, walking a lot, doing the Wii Just Dance, and so much more. I am enjoying life again. My girls are so happy that I am active again. My quality of life has improved tremendously. It all began with a pedometer, a few steps, and a will to live.

Monica Jackson is a winner in our SIGNIFICANT HEALTH IMPROVEMENT category. Congratulations Monica!


Shawn-Marie Riley

2013 HEALTHIES Recipient Spotlight

When I first started working for the Central Texas Conference as the Benefits Administrator, I was very unhealthy and dangerously overweight, almost 600 pounds.  I had to sleep elevated on multiple pillows so that my abdomen did not lie back on my chest, restricting my lungs from taking full breaths.  I had to have assistance getting out bed.   We had to have an SUV because I could not fit into a regular car.  Even in the SUV I could barely fit behind the steering wheel.  I could not go out with friends unless I drove because I could not fit in their cars.  I could not wear a seat belt and I have broken two driver’s seats due to the stress on them from my weight.  I had to be dropped off or park in the handicap parking space because just walking from the parking lot made me short of breath and cause extreme foot, hip and back pain.  In addition, exertion caused pains to go through my neck and head due to raised blood pressure due to exertion.  I had to use an electric scooter if I went anywhere that I would have to walk or stand for any length of time.

When I had to travel to Chicago for meetings, they had to purchase two tickets on the airline due to my size.  I had to pay out of my pocket for tickets for my husband and son to travel with me because I could not travel alone.  I had to have wheelchair assistance in the airport and into and out of the plane.  It was horribly stressful to travel and I was sick for several days after due to sheer exhaustion from the ordeal.

I could not help out much at home because I could not stand to clean, cook or do dishes.  I could not pick up things from the floor and I get winded trying to clean or dust.  My family had to take up the slack while I tried to do what I could while sitting.  My children’s friends would ask them in disgust if I was their mother which hurt them so much.  My husband and older daughter had to take my son anywhere he wanted to go.  I always had to just sit and observe.  Once I fell at church and could not get up.  They had to call an ambulance to lift me from the floor.  It was mortifying.  I needed assistance to get out of chairs and off the couch and I could not go anywhere alone because of it.  I had anxiety any time I left the house.  I was an invalid at 40 years old.

I have fought obesity all my life and I was fighting a losing battle, or so I thought.  Through the HealthFlex Wellness Benefits and Virgin Plus, I have been given new life.  I have lost 300 pounds and I am now a happy and independent person.  I can now walk, averaging 7000 steps on my GoZone pedometer almost every day!  I can breathe, travel, and be with my family and friends.  I am no longer a spectator of the life around me.  How blessed we are to be part of a health plan that cares for our wellness and understands and provides us with the tools to become healthy!

Shawn-Marie Riley is a winner in our SIGNIFICANT HEALTH IMPROVEMENT category. Congratulations Shawn-Marie!