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The Three Essentials of Intelligent Patient & Prospect Activation for Health Systems 

While some retail businesses may be pulling back on certain outreach efforts, hospital marketing and health systems are getting back into their groove and ramping back up.  

But how do you get the right people, then turn it into patient engagement?  

Virgin Pulse’s Erica Morgenstern, Chief Marketing Officer, and Jaci Haack, VP of strategic accounts, talk about intelligent patient outreach no matter what campaigns you’re doing or resources you have:  

Supplement the data you have. “You have to have more data than you currently have today,” said Haack. VP Activate™ is driven by the industry’s most powerful activation engine, which includes lifestyle and social determinants of health data from 275 million people. Supplementing the data, you have with lifestyle data to get a fuller picture of your patient’s needs informs personalized communications that help achieve your goals. 

True personalization, at scale. No two patient’s look-alike, noted Morgenstern, so why your marketing? Hyper-personalization helps you target people precisely so you can predict rather than react to their needs. After collecting personalized data, we use it to communicate with people we can truly impact. It’s not just who we’re speaking to but how we’re messaging to them.  

Communicate with patients and prospects where they are to get the best results.  

Don’t just communicate everything to everyone and hope it will work, Haack said. Multi-channel and multi-cycle outreach means you’ll reach up to 95% of targeted members on their preferred channels. It gives patients a better experience, increases engagement and saves you some of your marketing budget.  

The secrets to patient engagement lies in how you think about these points and how you can join the nation’s largest health systems in shaping VP Activate. 

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