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TCPA’s New Rules: A Game-Changer, But Not a Game-Over with Virgin Pulse

As healthcare decision-makers, you’ve seen the tide shift: TCPA has rewritten the rulebook for member outbound calling programs. But with change comes opportunity. Fear not, Virgin Pulse keeps you not just in the game but ahead. 

What health plans should know about the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

The new Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulations that took effect on July 20, 2023, present significant changes to the rules for unsolicited informational robocalls to landlines.  

Specifically, the regulation limits prerecorded voice calls to residential lines to three per thirty-day period for most types of calls and one call per day, up to three calls per seven-day period for certain HIPAA-related calls. For many health plans and health systems, this means updating your current outbound call strategy and validating phone numbers to stay current with regulations.  

While that sounds like a heavy lift, you cannot take the risk of not reaching members or patients.  

How Virgin Pulse can help healthcare organizations and health plans with TCPA compliance 

VP Activate™ is an intelligent outreach solution that enables health plans to close gaps in care, increase medication adherence, onboard members, enhance the overall member experience and more. It pinpoints not only who may have a need for support and resources, but how to best engage members and drive action across the member journey.  

VP Activate harnesses advanced data-driven technology, fortified by the commitment to secure and personalized experiences, to confront the challenges posed by the new regulation. Built upon years of expertise, our solutions allow your member outreach to not merely survive but thrive, adapting to the new set of rules surrounding prerecorded voice calls and number validation, including helping you to: 

  • Call only the right people. With VP Activate’s technology, direct communication is precise and secure. The Federal Do Not Call (DNC) list and Reassigned Numbers Database (RND) are harnessed to ensure only the right people are on the receiving end. This tactic prevents the missteps that could potentially derail an entire campaign. 
  • Remove the burden of managing your consent data. Rather than fretting over consent data management, leverage our years of consolidated data handling experience accumulated while executing SMS text campaigns. As the new TCPA rules necessitate two different consent levels (same as SMS), a robust system to gather expressed written consent is a given. Go with a veteran in this space – you can’t afford not to! 
  • Easily update your campaigns. Our advanced campaign management tools allow us to update live campaigns swiftly, eliminating downtime and promoting efficient campaign execution. 
  • Campaign coordination. While organizational structures may struggle with tracking various separate departments, from Analytics to Care Management, an advanced campaign orchestration system bridges these gaps. The result? Enhanced member satisfaction, steadfast compliance, and significantly improved results.  
  • Personalize the experience for your members. A crucial part of any communication strategy is personalization. By integrating a responsive messaging system, outreach is tailored to match members’ unique needs, even down to the intricate details such as gender and accents, through language-specific messaging. This attention to detail fosters higher engagement levels and prompts the desired actions. See how one National Health Plan used language-specific messaging to increase colorectal cancer screenings. 

From ensuring your team is dialing the right individuals to savvy consent data management, from swiftly updating your campaigns to reaching members through multiple channels, VP Activate sets the standard in navigating changes. Aimed at delivering a seamless member experience, we effectively coordinate your campaigns and enhance their impact by personalizing them to each member’s unique needs. 

Giving you hands-on control of the fluctuating landscape, we prepare you, guide you, and guarantee a solution that stays compliant and delivers results, all while keeping security at the apex.

With VP Activate, you don’t merely react to the changes; you stay ahead, always game ready. Welcome to one destination for all your outbound calling needs.  

Stay in the automated calling game. Speak to an expert at Virgin Pulse today.