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Refill my fridge or my medications: How are your members answering?

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Refill my fridge or my medications? The harsh reality is that your members are making these tough decisions daily. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Understanding your population at the individual level to address their personal barriers will boost your medication adherence efforts, and help keep their chronic conditions under control. By helping them, you’ll also help your organization by boosting quality scores, driving more refill revenue and reducing claims costs.

This is one of Virgin Pulse’s specialties, as proven by Validation Institute’s recent certification of our SmartReach™ for Medication Adherence Solution. To help you boost compliance among your populations, here are some Dos/Don’ts for driving mediation adherence from Virgin Pulse’s engagement experts.

Check out the do’s/don’ts list:

DON’T assume everyone needs reminding in the same way
DO start with data, including consumer data with SDOH insights, and predictive analytics to understand individual barriers and who’s at risk for being non-adherent, so you can get ahead of it. For example, did you know a person’s relationship status and commuting length are indicators of medication adherence?

DON’T use generic messages that are easily ignored and add to the noise
DO use barrier-breaking questions like, “Are you ready to refill?” or “Do you need help finding a lower-cost option?” to drive immediate action and complete the fill in the same call

DON’T rely on only one communication channel
DO leverage multiple channels. Use multiple communication channels like IVR for automated refills, live-agent warm transfers for connecting with high-need individuals and text messaging for daily medication reminders. Did you know that independent research shows you can increase the effectiveness of your outreach by more than 300%  by leveraging 4-5 different communication channels in a coordinated way?

DON’T bombard people with uncoordinated outreach
DO reduce abrasion. Don’t overwhelm the individual with too many messages. Coordinate outreach for multiple refills and use analytics to identify the most effective communications channel

DON’T delay or do this alone
DO learn why our medication adherence solution was certified by Validation Institute, and what this means for you