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PSA: Relationships matter, and not just on Feb 14

group of middle aged men and women smiling at the camera

While the upcoming Hallmark holiday spotlights a person’s romantic relationship status, relationships of all types have a significant impact on a person’s health 365 days a year.

In Health Consuming™: From Health Consumer to Health Citizen, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn highlights how social connections and loneliness lead to increased risk for developing dementia and cardiovascular disease, as well as hospital readmission within a year of discharge. Social isolation also drives $6.7 billion in annual avoidable health costs like hospitalization and nursing home care.

One of Welltok’s key differentiators is our ability to predict, understand and address social determinants of health like relationships and social connections in relation to a person’s health status and needs. We apply advanced analytics, including machine learning, to all types of data (our non-healthcare data and clients’ healthcare data) to identify consumers’ health risks. These insights also inform people’s receptivity to programs as well as the best ways to target them and impactability.

For example, based on the millions of predictive models that we’ve run for clients, we can tell you some interesting things about what a person’s relationship status can mean:

  • Single people are more likely to complete emotional wellbeing programs than married people
  • Married people are less likely to feel stressed and report not having work life balance than single people Individuals are more likely to have pre-diabetes if they live in an area with a high percentage of females getting a divorce
  • Non-married people are less likely to refill their maintenance medication
  • Welltok’s Consumer Activation Platform uses this type of information to optimize what programs are offered and to whom, using the most effective communications channels to get individuals to take action like getting an annual physical.

This is just one example of the type of insights our advanced analytics can provide.

If relationship status and other social determinants are not already informing your population health strategies, let’s set up a demo to show you how we can change that.