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New Ways to Connect in a Disconnected World: 5 Steps to Drive Higher Engagement and Action

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Organizations are saying it’s harder than ever to connect with consumers in today’s COVID disconnected world. And with employers, health plans and health systems doing all they can – and engagement levels lower than desired – it’s time for a new approach.

As consumer engagement experts, we put our best pro tips and real-world examples into an eBook, New Ways to Connect in a Disconnected World. Fill in the form to get a copy of the 5 steps to drive higher engagement and action. You’ll also get answers to questions like:

  • What are the best ways to engage consumers in a disconnected world?
  • How can I supercharge my outreach with multi-channel campaigns?
  • How can I easily track actions across my campaigns and prove ROI?

Read on for a sneak peek.

Pro tip: Supercharge your outreach by using the right channels.

Even before COVID, it was hard to get consumers to stay on track by refilling and taking recommended medications. To get your medication adherence messages heard, use:

  • Direct mail: to let people know about prescription options and the different ways to get them
  • IVR (automated voice) and text messages: to alert them when it’s time (or when they are late) to refill
  • Warm transfers to live agents: to help people overcome barriers to complying (like using mail order or home delivery instead of physically going into a pharmacy)