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Health System Growth

Meet the New Extension of Your Marketing Team

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Virgin Pulse is known for its award-winning consumer activation solutions that leverage data, predictive analytics and multi-channel communications to drive actions that matter. But did you also know about SmartWorks, our in-house marketing agency for projects of all shapes and sizes?

Many of our clients have their own resources, but sometimes they need a little extra help or want us to take a full campaign off their shoulders. This is where SmartWorks comes in. As a one-stop shop, SmartWorks experts can help with anything and everything, from building data-driven strategies, to designing and executing outreach across multiple channels—all as a seamless extension of our clients’ teams.

Wondering when to tap the SmartWorks team? Here are 4 signs it could be time to tag in our experts to boost campaign performance:

1. Warning bells are ringing; your team is burnt out
Your team and budget are getting smaller, but demand to produce and prove value is only growing. Sound familiar? Some clear signs it’s time to consider hiring an agency are when projects start piling up, deadlines aren’t met, staff is burned out, additional staff can’t be hired, or you can’t prove the marketing ROI you need to show value to your leadership.

2. You have a strong team, but they could sit this one out
The team is crushing it, but everyone can use a sounding board or outside inspiration from time to time. SmartWorks experts can help with all components of campaign execution, including helping with strategy, messaging and creating compelling content and creative assets that drive engagement and action. Bonus! Tapping external support can actually boost performance by delivering campaigns faster and freeing up your team’s time for in-flight campaigns and other priorities.

3. You’re having a hard time proving campaign ROI
Leadership wants to see how your outreach is driving value for the organization. Closed loop data can be hard to come by, especially if you’re trying to bring together data from multiple departments within your organization that generally don’t talk to one another. Innovative agencies, like SmartWorks, provide access to closed loop data and on-demand reporting to prove what revenue has been generated from specific campaigns – a win, win for everyone!

4. You need a partner that gets you, and makes your life easier
Managing vendors isn’t always easy, but a full-service marketing agency that can conduct the entire campaign for you, from strategy to execution to reporting, can make your life easier by reducing the number of vendors you have to manage.

SmartWorks goes a step further by offering pre-scripted campaigns for commonly requested outreach campaigns like driving flu shot vaccinations, supporting mental health and driving adherence with preventive care screenings. These “off the shelf” campaigns include data to target the right individuals with the right messages, using multiple communications channels like email, text messaging, automated voice (IVR) calls, and direct mail, among others, to boost reach up to 95%.

If any of these signs sound all too familiar, let’s talk about how SmartWorks can get to work for you!