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Majority (78%) Say COVID-19 Elevated Importance of Wellbeing Benefits and Support

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To capture user feedback on Virgin Pulse’s platform value and experience, we surveyed more than 2,600 adults. Over half reported that their needs have changed over the course of the pandemic, AND 3 out of 4 expect access to a personalized wellbeing platform. Read on for the survey highlights. 


Wellbeing has become a bigger priority for many Americans (78%) since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. From a newfound love of exercise and eating healthier to learning better ways to cope with stress, nearly 70% of individuals using Virgin Pulse’s consumer activation platform say they achieved their goals better with the platform than on their own. Additionally, more than half (54%) say their perception of health and wellbeing has evolved due to COVID-19 and the resources or benefits they need have changed, according to results from a nationwide user survey.

“Amid the COVID-19 crisis, it was incredibly valuable for people to have a dedicated platform to easily find and use a wide variety of wellbeing programs,” said April Gill, Virgin Pulse’s EVP & GM of Health Plans and Health Systems. “Whether seeking to improve sleep, get their diabetes under control, or focus on mental health, we are consistently helping consumers take the actions necessary to achieve their health and wellbeing goals – and feel supported along the way.”

“During COVID, I gained weight and it affected my health. Being isolated also affected my sense of wellbeing,” said one Welltok platform user. “Doing the activities was a way of getting motivated, being held accountable and getting rewarded. I’m losing weight, eating better, and getting outside more and being active.”

Health plans and employers across the nation leverage Virgin Pulse’s platform to connect individuals with the most relevant benefits or resources and incentivize the completion of activities that improve their wellbeing like closing a care gap (e.g., cancer screening or immunization), seeking virtual therapy or joining a walking challenge.

To capture user feedback on the platform’s value and experience, Virgin Pulse surveyed more than 2,600 adults, and found:

  • 78% of responders said wellbeing support from their employer or health plan is more important than ever, and 3 out of 4 expect access to a personalized wellbeing
  • Over half report Welltok’s wellbeing platform helped them navigate the self-care challenges of the last year.
  • 7 out of 10 people enjoy using a wellbeing platform, and 67% achieved their health and wellbeing goals better with Virgin Pulse’s platform than on their own.
  • Specific improvements users highlighted include: weight loss, reduced stress, better sleep, improved mental health, more motivated to take healthy actions and better use of benefits.

“The perception of health and wellbeing has changed for many Americans over the last year, presenting a significant opportunity for organizations to step up,” Gill added. “We are excited to see this positive impact that we’ve delivered on behalf of our clients during these trying times and look forward to continue supporting our end users as they navigate life after the pandemic.”