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Colorado Access Shatters the Member Engagement Status Quo

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Like many health plans, Colorado Access had redefined organizational goals of decreasing costs, controlling utilization, and improving the health of its entire population. Yet existing campaigns were underperforming, and it was prime time for a reboot. 

Krista Beckwith, director of population health, recently explained how Colorado Access shattered the status quo by integrating digital approaches to improve communication and engagement with its members throughout the state of Colorado.

Hard-to-Reach Members Were in Fact REALLY Hard to Reach

Maintaining accurate membership contact information was a large source of trouble. Member addresses and phone numbers were either incomplete or outdated from the time of enrollment, and details were tracked in multiple places. Returned and undeliverable mail rates often exceeded 40%, and IVR authentication rates hovered between 3-10%, with some members hanging up mid-call. While this was an inefficient use of staff time and financial resources, it also meant crucial information wasn’t reaching members.

Time to Try Something Different

Increasing expectations from state and federal partners to meaningfully engage with populations pushed Colorado Access to try something new. This meant executing its goal to deliver the right intervention to the right person at the right time—and by using the right channel.

Realizing that they couldn’t do it alone and knowing the cost-effectiveness of new technologies, Colorado Access chose Welltok to track member contact information, communication preferences and integrate digital engagement efforts – including texting and email – into its outreach programs.

Record-Breaking Results

With Welltok, Colorado Access experienced significant increases in engagement by using data to target and strategically reach members:

  • Colorado Access experienced a 98% completion rate for multi-text campaigns, and they found that members were more likely to opt in to texting programs when invited by an outreach call from a Colorado Access representative as compared to direct mail
  • They observed up to a 60% increased likelihood of engagement with the healthcare system for members who received text reminders vs those who received an IVR call
  • By doing a deep data dive with Welltok’s engagement services team, Colorado Access identified sub-populations with up to 3x the authentication rates than they had traditionally observed with the general population, up to 30%.

Internally, Colorado Access also experienced meaningful operational efficiencies. For example, Welltok’s centralized contact database meant staff could stop manually updating spreadsheets and instead focus valuable time on developing effective membership programs and enhancing skills in digital program design. Also, the organization as a whole began using data and insights to make data-driven decisions and drive more meaningful use of resources.

Top 3 Lessons Learned

To sum it up, here are Krista’s main takeaways for health plans facing similar member engagement challenges:

1. The engagement journey is a marathon, not a sprint. There is no silver bullet, but the time and resources you invest in understanding how members want to be engaged are worth it. There is no ‘one-size’ fits all engagement effort for a population, and allowing for flexibility and ongoing changes can ensure adaptation to unique population needs.

2. The struggle with having quality member data is real. Finding a solution that helps you automate and centralize member contact information can open up real opportunities for operational efficiencies (from maximizing where staff spends time to reducing costs on direct mail).

3. Don’t be afraid to use texting and email. Members use these channels in everyday life – they can welcome relevant health info in these formats as well. Just make sure you choose a TCPA-compliant system.

Ready to change how you engage with your members? Schedule a demo and learn how Welltok can help you improve member communication.