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Employee Engagement

5 fun ways to celebrate World Cultural Diversity Day at work

How does your company measure up when it comes to diversity and inclusion? Do they truly embrace it or is it a topic that’s tip-toed around? More than half of all respondents in a recent HRD poll expressed that their companies are all talk and no action when it comes to diversity. But like employee wellbeing, it should be adopted as part of any organizations’ people strategy.

And what better time for organizations to show their support than May 21 – World Day for Cultural Diversity.

Why should I prioritise diversity in my organisation?

It breeds creativity and innovation

Diverse teams mean a diverse set of ideas and perspectives. This is what helps drive higher levels of innovation and overall better business performance.

It positions you as an employer of choice
It’s vital now more than ever to be able to attract top talent. And embracing diversity and inclusion as part of your people strategy can help you achieve that. It’s time to set yourself apart from the competition.

It’ll help you become more profitable
Yep. It’s true. Research suggests that diversity in organizations helps them to be more successful and profitable. Part of this may also be due to the higher employee engagement that is seen in diverse teams; as people are curious to learn about each other from different backgrounds and share personal experiences, it simultaneously helps build better relationships in the workplace.

5 fun ways to celebrate World Cultural Diversity Day (in the office or virtually)

OMG. Have you seen…
Everyone loves a good book, TV series or movie recommendation. Especially at the moment. It also serves as a great topic for catch-ups, whether that’s with friends, family or colleagues! Set a task for your team to watch a foreign film, TV series, or read a foreign classic novel and share their reviews with others. It may open up their eyes and minds to a whole new world of perspectives, thoughts and ideas. Any takers for Tolstoy’s War and Peace?

Put your chef’s hat on. Your culinary journey awaits.
Maybe your employees can’t travel the world at the moment. But they can still be adventurous and expand their palate by trying a new exotic recipe! Ask them to share something they’d like to try and share some recipes of your own. Dumplings from China? Empanadas from Chile? A curry from India? Tagine from Morocco? The world is your oyster…Oh, and don’t forget to ask them to share a snap of their beautiful creation. Or horror scene!

Knock, knock. Who’s there?
Open up your meeting to a new guest each week and get them to share a part of their life with the group. It could be a challenge they overcame, an interesting project they’re working on, a presentation on a topic or teaching the group a new skill. You can keep it simple by thinking about people within the group itself, the wider organization, a past colleague, family member or friend. Arrange the first one yourself and open it up to the group to see who they’ve got in their network that might be willing to contribute.

Move and groove
There’s nothing better than promoting diversity while getting your people up and out of their seats. Physical activity is also associated with improved focus, productivity and overall mental wellbeing! Organize a virtual class and get your people kicking along to Capoeira, flowing into Tai Chi or bopping along to Bollywood beats.

All aboard! Your trip departs now.
Help your employees discover new parts of the world by signing your organization up for a destination health challenge, like one of those offered by Virgin Pulse. Not only do they provide a great way to learn about new places and cultures. But they also bring together employees as they work in teams to unlock more locations.

To find out more about how Virgin Pulse can help you promote diversity and inclusion while keeping your employees healthy and engaged, contact one of our wellbeing experts today.