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Case Study:

Hillrom Scores Big in March Mindfulness

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Challenge Increasing Discoverability of Mental Health Resources

A leading med-tech company, Hillrom and its 10,000+ global employees worldwide proudly work together to continue a legacy of innovation and a mission to enhance outcomes for patients and caregivers in over 100 countries—a mission that also seeks to support the people within their organization.

Hillrom’s wellness program’s mantra, Eat Better, Move More and Stress Less, speaks to their vision to enhance overall wellness across their organization. This mantra has proven to be one of the most effective approaches to engaging the company in its wellness program. In partnership with Virgin Pulse, Hillrom has designed their wellness program around those three pillars— nutrition, mental health and physical activity— and works to continuously improve program utilization and enrollment, especially as 2020 highlighted the need to focus on supporting their employees’ mental health.

  • We strive to provide our employees and their families with a wellness program that empowers them to make healthy choices and informs them of the options to enhance their overall wellness.

    - Trevor Ames Director, Global Benefits and Wellness

  • We took a long drive to a familiar beach just to chill and enjoy. We rush around so much with house stuff, car stuff, etc. Thanks for the reminder to slow down.

    - Anonymous Make Time for Play Participant