Employee Wellbeing Is Mission-critical to Your Business. How Are You Driving It?

Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business.

Your people are the backbone of your business. They are the mission-critical system underpinning your organization’s ability to grow and thrive. Businesses spend billions of dollars every year to ensure that their CRM, ERP, IT, and other technology systems are in tip-top shape. Are you investing in the right employee wellbeing solutions to address your goals and needs?

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When employees are happy and healthy, they can bring their best selves to work and their best work to your business. Maybe you provide access to a variety of clinical programs like HRAs, biometric screenings, and telephonic coaching, or promote employee wellbeing through tools that support healthy nutrition and sleep — but are you fully aware of what a truly engaging and integrated wellbeing program can accomplish?

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Seventy-six percent of respondents to a SHRM survey indicated their organization offered some type of wellness program, resource, or service to employees.* Three-quarters of organizations are aware of the importance of wellbeing at their places of work. But are they seeing the type of return they anticipated at the inception of their wellbeing initiatives?

You’ve come into wellbeing with the goal of creating a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

You know that wellbeing will improve your company’s bottom line. You know that healthier employees mean reduced healthcare costs for your organization. You know that employees with fewer health risks take fewer sick days, go to the doctor less, and spend more time working at your organization.

But you — or other business leaders at your company — might start to wonder:

  • What’s the true value on investment of employee wellbeing?
  • Are wellbeing programs making a real impact on employees?
  • Is employee wellbeing translating into better business performance, stronger products and services, and more positive client feedback?

You might even be frustrated for a number of reasons.

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Employee engagement has hovered around 30 percent for close to a decade.* It’s very possible that your people aren’t engaging with your wellness programs, and that’s causing you some frustration. And rightfully so, considering the time and resources you’ve put into making sure your company is happy, healthy, and productive.

Wellbeing is not a bolt-on program, it’s the heart of your workplace culture — a commitment to helping your people bring their best selves to work every day.

You may not understand whether you’re getting your money’s worth out of your wellbeing investments.

You see your employees’ steps increasing. You see your organization’s body mass index levels shrinking. You see diabetes rates declining. You may even notice your staff is more well-rested. But how do you track the intangible factors that come with a more productive workforce? How do you know if your program is making a real difference for your company?

Your employees aren’t energized by your wellness initiatives.

Or worse — your employees are put off by your wellness initiatives. They already have doctors, family members, and friends telling them they need to be healthier. They don’t want to hear it at work. The collective eye roll at your wellness initiatives is really starting to get to you.

HR and wellbeing initiatives empower people and companies to succeed, together.

Believe it or not, employee wellbeing will drive strategic decisions for your company. Employee wellbeing has the power to form positive habits that change behaviors across organizations, increase productivity, drive employee engagement, and provide real-time insight into the wellbeing of your organization. It will effectively and transparently make your workforce happier, healthier, and more productive. You just need to offer your people the right tools and support to make it happen — seamlessly, automatically, and in a personalized manner.

No matter where your organization is on its wellbeing journey, Virgin Pulse’s solutions will promote a higher level of employee engagement, empower decision-making through actionable insights, and drive business outcomes that matter most to your company.