Strategic Wellbeing Promotes Healthy, Sustainable Habits and Drives Business Outcomes That Matter

Putting it all together to create a mission-critical business driver.

The highest step in the wellbeing journey: strategic wellbeing.

Strategic wellbeing is the essential part of your organization.

With strategic wellbeing, you will drive:

  • Positive habit formation as a “must-have” driver of productivity
  • Sustained behavior change across the employee population
  • True, provable, and sustainable employee engagement
  • Analytics that give you the ability to monitor, measure, and optimize employee wellbeing in real time
  • Insights and data that prove value on investment

Strategic wellbeing changes habits for good.

Take a moment to watch how Virgin Pulse’s strategic wellbeing created positive habits within Morton Salt.

By helping employees improve their personal lives, strategic wellbeing drives business results.

Your people are now tracking their sleep, water intake, and physical activity. They’re challenging each other and pushing themselves. They’re learning more and more each day about how to better themselves physically and mentally. And they’re doing it all in one place.

With strategic wellbeing, each individual employee can tackle their personal goals and challenges. Every single person defines wellbeing differently and needs different tools to achieve it. Just as organizations are on a wellbeing journey, so are individuals, and strategic wellbeing meets them where they are.

Now that employees have focused on improving their personal wellbeing in a holistic, multifaceted way, they will be able to concentrate and engage with their work. And now that they’re zeroed in on their work, they will start applying their energy to things they can change in the workplace for the better.

When employees are able to focus on the work ahead of them without having to worry about the personal health aspects of their day-to-day lives, they can be a fully productive and engaged member of your organization. They will choose healthy behaviors over habits that would otherwise set them back. They will make your organization more efficient. And you’ll have the data and the vision to see where you need to make organizational or individual changes.

Strategic wellbeing creates culture-wide workplace habits.

With strategic wellbeing, you’ll be able to see much more than the health outliers in your organization. You’ll be able to identify workforce trends in unhealthy habits and provide resources for how your organization can address them. You’ll inspire your people to work together and encourage each other to snuff out unhealthy habits and pursue happier and healthier lives. Health and wellbeing will become a cultural norm. And it will all start with your wellbeing initiatives.

Strategic wellbeing gives actionable insight into your business.

With strategic wellbeing, you’re able to inspire your people to play to their strengths and focus on the KPIs that will benefit them and your organization the most. You’re able to make sure they’re their most efficient and productive selves in the workplace. Given the correct tools, your “people systems” are able to produce at an astonishing rate. But it all starts with the right investment in HR and wellbeing.

The end result is game-changing focus that ignites employees, businesses, and workplace cultures.

This kind of engagement can produce incredible results:

  • Enhanced and thriving company culture
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee retention rates
  • Better bottom line and profitability
  • Successful talent recruitment

Before you can focus on changing an employee’s broader wellbeing, they have to feel like they’re engaged and empowered to succeed.

Once you’ve created a platform where employees set, monitor, and track their habits within an integrated hub; interact with their colleagues through gamified activities and challenges; receive curated learning content that’s relevant to them; and are motivated through their health and wellness habits, that platform will become a powerful tool for adoption, engagement, and wellbeing in your organization.

It may seem ambitious, but with the right partner and the correct solution, it’s absolutely achievable.