Picture This …

Your people’s wellbeing will have a direct impact on:

  • Reducing healthcare costs
  • Decreasing sick days
  • Preventing safety incidents, accidents, and errors
  • Attracting top talent
  • Lowering turnover
  • Changing habits and behaviors
  • Driving engagement
  • Improving culture
  • Increasing productivity

With the right investment in wellbeing at the right time, the sky’s the limit on what your company will accomplish.

What if instead of managing your people’s time and meetings, you could manage their energy, focus, and drive? Better yet — what if you could prove your wellbeing initiatives were making a tangible difference on these seemingly intangible aspects of your organization?

Virgin Pulse has mapped a comprehensive wellbeing journey — much like a buyer’s journey — that outlines the critical stages organizations go through on their way to truly strategic wellbeing.

But before we talk about how to achieve all of this, let’s get crystal clear about where your organization is on your wellbeing journey today and how and why you should progress.

See where you are on the Virgin Pulse Wellbeing Journey.

Ready to discover where you are in your wellbeing journey? Research experts at Virgin Pulse have created a short Yes/No assessment to help you understand where you are today and how you can advance your wellbeing strategy to drive employee engagement and business performance across your organization.

Begin the assessment by entering your information below:

Answer the following based on your best assessment of your organization’s wellbeing initiatives.

CLINICAL WELLNESS: Your organization is in the clinical wellness phase of your wellbeing journey.

You value improving your employees as individuals, reducing healthcare costs, and identifying outliers who fall outside of your organization’s wellness norms.

Clinical wellness gives employers tangible numbers, helps employees who fall outside of wellness norms, impacts low-hanging fruit, gets people to walk and stay fit, and guards companies against out-of-control healthcare costs.

Clinical wellness is a fine starting point for organizations, but eventually, you will need to extend your organization’s wellness focus beyond just individuals and health interventions.

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SOCIAL WELLBEING: Your organization is in the social wellbeing phase of your wellbeing journey.

You value employee interactivity, competitive spirit, and encouraging healthy behaviors and habits on an organizational level.

Social wellbeing engages entire organizations communally, promotes behavior change through friendly team-based competition, and creates a cultural impact across your organization. With social wellbeing, your organization will use workplace culture and challenges to reinforce positive habits, inspire organizational interactivity, and ultimately bring your employees together under your company’s flag.

Creating a strong social wellbeing initiative engages your entire workforce and starts shifting your company’s culture in the right direction. Harness the power of social wellbeing as you continue to grow.

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INTEGRATED WELLBEING: Your organization is in the integrated wellbeing phase of your wellbeing journey.

You value personalizing your employees’ experience with your wellbeing initiatives and pulling content and analytics from a wide variety of places all into one location to give your employees the most integrated, personalized wellbeing experience possible.

Integrated wellbeing delivers true value on investment for your organization, as it provides one stop for all HR initiatives, tools, benefits, and vendors. With integrated wellbeing, your organization will have the ability to micro-personalize and market communications, third-party benefits, and HR initiatives to the right people at the right time. You will be able to drive higher awareness, utilization, and better analytics around current programs and vendors.

With integrated wellbeing, your organization is on the right path, but there’s still one more step to take to reach the end of your Wellbeing Journey.

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STRATEGIC WELLBEING: Your organization is in the strategic wellbeing phase of your wellbeing journey.

You value and understand the short- and long-term benefits of positive habit formation, driving workplace productivity, proving the value of wellbeing, and sustaining behavior change across individuals and your entire workforce.

Strategic wellbeing delivers true, provable, and sustainable employee engagement across your population. With strategic wellbeing, your people are able to focus on engaging with and concentrating on their work and your business. They evaluate their overall lives highly, report excellent performance at their job, and are very unlikely to leave your company.

Strategic wellbeing enables you to harness the employee wellbeing journey to drive engagement across your organization. You are well positioned to continue changing your organization’s culture, increasing productivity, increasing retention, increasing your business’s bottom line, and winning the best talent.

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