Create a Thriving Culture with Social Wellbeing

Nothing gets employees fired up quite like teamwork, group-based behavior challenges, and healthy competition.

As the old saying goes, “Iron sharpens iron.” When your people are encouraged to work together to achieve a common goal, their ability to measure their success increases and they’re inspired to accomplish more. That’s where social wellbeing comes in.

Challenges spark positive habits.

Virgin Pulse is committed to helping people build positive habits across a wide range of wellbeing areas, and challenges are one way to spark these. Challenges span a range of wellbeing priorities from:

  • Getting active
  • Eating healthy
  • Sleeping well
  • Reducing stress
  • Managing finances
  • Contributing to your community
  • Building relationships
  • Learning new things
  • Being productive
  • Practicing mindfulness

Challenges also bring your unique corporate culture and brand to life. They evangelize your corporate values in a way that is company-specific, culture-specific, and fun.

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Only 51 percent of companies have an active employer brand strategy in place.* Employer branding is important and not only increases user adoption and engagement but contributes to the retention of your valuable talent. Don’t be part of the 49 percent that refrain from putting thought behind their employer branding strategy. Cultivate your company culture, your way, through social challenges.

Go global. You can even compete in challenges against other organizations around the world.

Social wellbeing doesn’t just let your people compete, it allows your entire organization to become a part of a global community by participating in broader challenges across the world.

Leadership from different offices can face-off.

When leaders come together to compete against each other, it will create a real sense of company pride for employees.

Challenges create unity within offices and friendly competition with other offices.

Once offices in different locations start competing, it gives those employees an excuse to interact and get to know one another. The end result is multiple healthy places of work within your organization, but the side effect is interactivity and comradeship among offices.

Challenges can take place around the world.

Virgin Pulse’s challenges are culturally relevant and sensitive and engage participants across the globe.

Challenges are ideal for promoting culture and value early in the employee experience.

When incorporated into the employee onboarding experience, challenges immerse new hires in an organization’s culture and values starting on their first day on the job, promoting an immediate sense of camaraderie.

Social wellbeing challenges level workplace hierarchy.

Virgin Pulse social wellbeing challenges break down organizational silos by allowing healthy competition and teamwork across the organization. CEOs can face-off against interns, marketing executives can face-off against salespeople, IT people can face-off against the finance team, and new hires can face-off against your organization’s veterans. Virgin Pulse’s social wellbeing challenges also include your contingent and extended workforce, such as contractors and temporary employees. A flatter, more leveled playing field will foster stronger collaboration across the workforce, organizational alignment of priorities, shorter decision cycles, and higher employee engagement.

Think of social wellbeing as a team sport that allows your people to change their way of thinking and work together.

When your people start having conversations around wellness, it opens up several possibilities.

  • Employees consider changing their habits.
  • Employees trigger challenges with each other.
  • Employees engage with each other and your wellbeing program multiple times a day.

But most important, social challenges create a catalyst for connectivity and healthy behaviors in the workplace.

With social wellbeing, you will engage entire populations — not just individuals. Creating organization-wide challenges enables you to leverage physical activity in a scalable way to drive teamwork (or collaboration), morale, and serious fun in the workplace.

Creating a social wellbeing program is the next step toward engaging your entire workforce in wellbeing to strengthen your company’s culture.