Bringing It All Together Through a Seamless User Experience

Integrating wellbeing with Virgin Pulse

You’ve collected all of your data from clinical wellness. You’ve transformed your culture with social wellbeing. The next step is to bring together all your programs and benefits in one integrated interface — for maximum usage, impact, and ease of administration.

Integrated wellbeing delivers true value on investment.

With Virgin Pulse, integrated wellbeing is a breeze, providing you:

  • A one-stop shop for all of your HR programs, tools, benefits, and partners
  • The ability to micro-segment and promote third-party benefits and HR programs to the right employees at the right time
  • Curated learning content based on members’ interests
  • The ability to drive higher awareness, utilization, and better analytics around current programs and vendors
  • An easier way for administrators to manage multiple vendors and programs across distributed locations and HR and wellbeing ecosystems

Create an effortless employee experience with a single employee communications and benefits portal.

You may have myriad HR programs and several different vendors. Virgin Pulse allows you to put them all in one place. Virgin Pulse’s solutions allow you to integrate and communicate all the initiatives you invest in to support your employees:

  • HR benefits
  • Strategic initiatives
  • Company values
  • Corporate events
  • Corporate and HR policies

Virgin Pulse solutions delivers relevant, curated content directly to the user.

This gives you a unique opportunity to drive HR program usage through a system and interface employees are already engaging with daily. Your people will see the resources and content that are most relevant to them based on their wellbeing interest areas.

And the content can come from anywhere.

With a wide range of learning content available through Virgin Pulse solutions, your employees can access any program, event, or initiative you offer to support their wellbeing.

Content can come from third parties.

Virgin Pulse’s solutions allow for the integration of third-party tools, programs, and content, enabling your people to connect with specific information and activities that are relevant to support their personal and professional wellbeing. Employees who want to learn about insomnia can access information and guides from sleep experts. They can then set and track sleep habits and goals and receive regular tips and information to help them with their sleep. Employees who want to learn about stress management can set the topic as a specific interest, which will trigger information on relaxation and meditation to be sent to them. All of this content will come catered from professionals in a variety of fields.

Content is delivered in a personalized way.

Content specifically matched to your employees increases engagement and overall retention of information. Frequent, automatic communication gives the content greater impact. An all-in-one solution significantly reduces the amount of time your HR and benefits teams spend integrating and managing multiple systems.

With all of this information in one place, Virgin Pulse will promote wellbeing resources that are relevant, timely, and useful to you and your people.

Personalization is key to increasing HR program and benefit utilization.

HR departments can also deliver personalized messages, so your people never miss out on benefits or programs that may be useful in promoting their wellbeing. Too often, employers have valuable benefits that go unused because employees are overwhelmed by information and want a more personalized benefit experience that presents the options available to them based on their needs, interests, and eligibility. With integrated wellbeing, employers will increase their benefit utilization rate.

HR leaders also reap the rewards of integrated wellbeing.

Now that all of your organization’s health and wellbeing information is located in one place, you’ll be able to easily manage what content is delivered to which employee. You’ll be able to easily identify areas for improvement within your organization and at an individual level. You’ll be able to give your employees personalized tools that will allow them to operate at their highest potential.

Utilizing all of this information will significantly impact your business plan, as you now have an open window into how to improve your workforce backed up by wellness analytics and delivered through personalized experiences for your people. Employee wellbeing will become the engine that drives your organization forward.

Even better — HR leaders will spend less time on administration and have more time to focus on initiatives and challenges impacting your business success.

In fact, there’s a greater strategic role for employee wellness and wellbeing to play in organizations as a whole, and that’s where strategic wellbeing comes in.