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VP GOHow It Works

VP GO is the ultimate health and wellbeing program for your employees. Comprising of a global challenge, digital coaching, a wealth of health and wellbeing content and social features – all delivered with a high dose of fun and a feel-good factor.

Easy to Roll Out


Employees get into teams of 7, which creates healthy competition, support and motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, it ensures that a broad range of employees, including the health skeptics, join the fun.

Complete Admin Support

A full suite of materials in 20 languages helps you engage and excite your employees across the globe throughout their VP GO adventure.

Measuring Up

At the start of the journey, employees baseline their current health in an easy and interactive way.

Every journey starts with a single step

Ground-Up Approach

VP GO transforms employee health and wellbeing one step at time, building confidence and demonstrating how enjoyable and easy lifestyle changes can be.

Challenge Library

Various holistic mini challenges provide employees with that extra bit of motivation throughout their journey, and some extra fun to keep them going.

Connecting Employees

Harnessing the power of social networks, VP GO’s wealth of social features makes unifying your dispersed workforce easy. Plus it provides just the motivation and support your employees need.

Evaluate and Celebrate

Fusing Science and Fun

Our approach is based on science and proven results and we put the employee at the heart of everything we do.

Celebrate Achievements

Equipped with the final results, celebrate in style - in person or virtually - as you recognize your employees’ achievements and are able to measure the programme’s positive impact.

Evaluate Success

Impress your boss with comprehensive reporting and analytics, highlighting improvements to health, performance and teamwork across your business.


VP GO changes lives and businesses for good - the numbers prove it.



    of members are now getting the recommended amount of sleep



    of members now exercise 30 minutes or more per session



    of members are feeling more productive

*Data sources: 2020 VP GO May Global Final Report

Changing Lives and Businesses for Good

  • "70% of our workforce signed up for the program - we were blown away by this level of interest in the area of health and wellbeing."
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  • "It got our people moving right, eating right, sleeping right and as a whole become healthier individuals who will be able to perform better in the company."
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    "It's just incredible how such a small device can impact a company - we can feel it in the everyday life, we can see how people are energized! This contributes to our success."
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