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Health and productivity: they go hand in hand.

Looking to increase productivity, decrease costs and drive outcomes that matter for your employees and your business? Virgin Pulse helps you focus on making your organization’s most mission critical “system” – your people – successful.
Businesses succeed where employees thrive.

  • 85

    of organizations rank employee productivity as a top HR initiative

  • 40

    increase in productivity when companies offer wellbeing programs

  • 41

    of Virgin Pulse members feel more productive at work

  • 55

    of Virgin Pulse members show a decrease in sickness related absences

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It’s no surprise: healthy employees drive high-performing companies. By engaging employees in activities that promote health and wellbeing, Virgin Pulse is helping organizations increase productivity, decrease absenteeism and presenteeism, reduce safety incidents and attract and retain top talent.

  • Lasting Behavior Change

    Lasting Behavior Change

    There is a mountain of evidence linking daily habits with long term health and productivity. Virgin Pulse’s solutions, built in collaboration with the world’s leading behavior change scientists, are driving long-lasting sustainable behavior change by encouraging small, daily changes across all areas of employee wellbeing, and delivering measurable business outcomes.

  • Proven Value on Investment

    Invest in employee health and you’ll see a workforce that is more focused at work, recovers from sickness faster, and is at lower-risk for long term illness. Join the ranks of wellbeing-focused companies that outperform the S&P 500.

    Proven Value on Investment
  • A Culture of Health

    A Culture of Health

    A healthy, high performing workplace culture drives productivity. Make wellbeing critical to your values and investments, and watch your employees’ engagement, loyalty, and overall success soar.

Discover how Virgin Pulse is driving business outcomes that matter.

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  • “Every company wants to do more work with less people. If you’re going to do that, you’ve got to provide them with options to stay healthy. When you encourage employees to exercise and eat healthy, you’re going to have more productivity in the workplace.”

    Kim McCracken Vice President Senior Benefits Administration, BBVA

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