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Science Advisory Board

Mary Marzec, Ph.D

Expert in Social & Environmental Determinants of Health, Population Health, Culture

Mary Marzec, PhD is a Sr. Scientist with Virgin Pulse. She leads the workplace culture initiative. Dr. Marzec has over 12 years’ experience working with employers on population health and employee wellbeing strategies.

Previously at the University of Michigan, Mary led the development of the Workplace Culture of Health survey (aka Work & Wellbeing Check), which quantifies social determinants of health in the workplace environment and culture. This is a main component of Virgin Pulse’s Culture Check. By identifying strengths and opportunities, organizations can leverage cultural factors to more effectively support the health of their populations.

Mary has a master’s degree in Biostatistics and a PhD in Kinesiology, both from the University of Michigan. Her publication areas include the impact of population-based interventions on health risks and the use of structural equation modeling to identify predictors of health-related outcomes. With over 20 scientific publications, she has received multiple outstanding research awards and frequently presents at various speaking venues.