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Headquartered in Oregon, SAIF Corporation is a marketleading, not-for-profit workers’ compensation insurance company. SAIF issues nearly half of the policies in Oregon and offers coverage to over 600,000 workers state-wide. While SAIF has offered employee wellness services – including an on-site medical clinic, annual flu shots, and other ancillary programs – for its 900 employees for over two decades, the wellness program hadn’t taken hold with management or among employees. What’s more, company culture often didn’t prioritize health – a sentiment that was frequently furthered not by management, but by employees’ peers. For example, some employees were unsure if a midday exercise break was appropriate.

  • “There was all this research that by doing an HRA and knowing their numbers, employees would be more likely to get engaged in activity, and be more likely to get healthy. But after a ton of communication to our employees, [our previous program] only had 15 percent participation.”

    - Renae Coombs Benefits and Wellness Manager, SAIF

  • “Virgin Pulse has proven to be exactly what employees want – a way to encourage and support physical activity and cheer each other on. That added engagement is great.”

    - Renae Coombs Benefits and Wellness Manager, SAIF

  • “Employees are coming to us and telling us, ‘I’m a better employee and will work harder having this kind of program here.’”

    - Renae Coombs Benefits and Wellness Manager, SAIF