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Press Release

Virgin Pulse Joins Elite Wellness Research Institute Navigator Network

Virgin Pulse Recognized as a Preferred Partner Offering a Best-in-Class Employee Well-being Solution

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - (September 28, 2015)

Virgin Pulse, the habits focused well-being company, today announced that it has been selected as a preferred provider in the Wellness Research Institute (WRI)’s Wellness Navigator network. This program will enable Virgin Pulse to provide employers and employee benefits consultants with quick, easy access to details about its holistic well-being program.

Virgin Pulse’s well-being platform enables clients to increase employee engagement and productivity, build culture, and improve health by providing employees with tools that help form and sustain habits that matter and ultimately drive business results. Through inclusion in WRI’s Wellness Navigator, the company will expand it’s reach to leading employers who seek to create healthier, more productive workforces while also building great places to work.

“Employers and HR professionals face a daunting task when selecting and rolling out a workplace well-being program that will deliver sustainable and satisfying results for their organization,” said Chris Boyce, CEO of Virgin Pulse. “We’re so pleased to be recognized by WRI as a preferred provider. We want to help the people who take care of employees make informed choices about well-being, backed by science. We know healthy habits are the key to helping people be healthier, more productive, and more engaged both in and out of work—and that’s ultimately good for business.”

WRI’s Wellness Navigator is a one-stop-shop for leading HR professionals to identify well-being offerings that meet an organization’s specific needs—objectives, culture, and demographics. More than 200 wellness companies are enrolled in the platform, which is used by nearly half of the top 20 brokerage and consultant firms in the United States.

About Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse, part of Sir Richard Branson’s famed Virgin Group, replenishes employees with tools that help them build better habits. With its award-winning, online platform, the company cultivates daily habits and sustainable behavior change that help people thrive at work and across all aspects of life. Unlike narrowly-focused employee health and engagement solutions, Virgin Pulse creates more meaningful habits and drives greater utilization across HR investments, delivering a better quality of life for employees and better health, increased productivity, and improved culture for employers. More than 250 industry leaders representing more than 2 million employees have selected Virgin Pulse’s programs to replenish their people and ignite their business. Learn more at

About the Wellness Research Institute

The Wellness Research Institute (WRI) was formed with the belief that a major obstacle to the successful implementation of a wellness strategy is that employers are not accurately identifying the wellness vendors best suited to achieve their unique goals. A wellness program cannot succeed and achieve its desired outcome if this fundamental first step is incorrect. To overcome this, WRI built the Wellness Navigator. The Wellness Navigator is a tool that helps Consultants and Employers identify the optimal partner to achieve their health and productivity goals. Learn more at