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Virgin Pulse Hub Transforms Employer Ecosystems; Increases Employee Engagement

Next-Generation Solution Delivers a Personalized One-Stop-Shop Experience for Employees; Centralized Management, Segmentation, Communications and Reporting for Administrators

Framingham, Mass - (October 5, 2016)

Virgin Pulse, the leading global provider of employee wellbeing software that drives culture and productivity, today announced its next generation Virgin Pulse Hub, a dynamic engagement and communication portal that seamlessly connects employees with relevant HR and benefits tools, programs and information. Virgin Pulse Hub helps increase HR program awareness, utilization and overall employee engagement by uniting a range of HR, talent management and benefits resources in a single, personalized user experience. The Hub delivers robust analytics, streamlined program management, and strategic multi-channel communications capabilities, including web, mobile, and e-mail, to assist administrators in managing, measuring and promoting HR programs.

Virgin Pulse’s 2016 report, State of the Industry: Employee Wellbeing in 2016, revealed that the top wellbeing concern among survey respondents was effectively communicating programs to eligible populations. Designed to address these concerns, Virgin Pulse Hub provides centralized communications capabilities that allow administrators to segment messages across a variety of factors, from age to location to health risk factors, and deliver them across in ways that resonate with employee populations. Specifically, the Hub utilizes mobile technology and the Virgin Pulse Mobile App to educate employees about programs, wherever they are.

Additional features ease the administrative burden of managing and integrating a growing ecosystem of employee programs while driving participation, two other key concerns identified in the survey.

Key Enhancements:

  • Data-driven segmentation and targeting capabilities allow administrators to communicate the right programs to the right employees.
  • Centralized, on-demand reporting and analytics powered by Domo deliver real-time insights into program utilization, performance and completion.
  • Flexible corporate calendaring tools empower decentralized HR partners and program champions to schedule, manage, and communicate local events to relevant employees.
  • Optimized mobile communications and capabilities, including push notifications and in-app messaging, promote programs and events to inspire awareness and action.
  • Daily Cards deliver micro-segmented and personalized recommendations that highlight relevant and timely events and resources.
  • Configurable incentives allow employers to reward for activities across their entire HR program ecosystem, streamlining fulfillment and providing a comprehensive view into incentive investments.

“With engagement levels that exceed even most consumer apps, including Pinterest and LinkedIn, and robust segmentation capabilities, we’re confident that Virgin Pulse Hub can help employers reach more employees, more frequently, with information that is relevant and beneficial to them,” said Ron Hildebrandt, SVP of Products, Virgin Pulse. “Because employees engage with Virgin Pulse programs so frequently, we know more about them and can continually optimize and personalize their communications and experiences. At the same time, HR teams gain time and resources as the Hub simplifies the management, marketing, and optimization of their diverse and growing programs and events.”

By ensuring that programs are properly targeted and communicated, easily accessible, and truly relevant, Virgin Pulse Hub drives utilization across the spectrum of corporate programs – from benefits to wellbeing programs to talent management to events – with minimal administrative lift. Combined with Virgin Pulse’s industry-leading daily engagement rates – members interact with the company’s technology an average of four times per day – the Virgin Pulse Hub can drive utilization by bringing relevant benefits and programs into the natural workflows and activities of an employee’s day.

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