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Virgin Pulse Announces First Employee Wellbeing-Focused Skill for Amazon Alexa

Voice-Enabled, Screenless Experiences Transform Personalized Wellbeing

Framingham, Mass - (March 14, 2017)

Virgin Pulse, the leading global provider of technology-enabled wellness and wellbeing solutions, today announced that it will release the first-ever fully integrated corporate wellbeing skill for Amazon Alexa.  The Virgin Pulse Skill, which will enable voice commands for Alexa, will be available to all members who have an Alexa-enabled device, providing users with the ability to seamlessly and effortlessly track their activity, check in on their goals, and receive wellbeing reminders, without having to log into a device.

According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, more than 5 million Amazon Echo devices have been sold since their debut in 2014. In addition, Allied Market Research estimates that the market for virtual assistants will reach $3.6 billion by 2020. As more people around the world turn to virtual assistant technology to manage their daily lives, Virgin Pulse is meeting consumer demand through innovative applications of artificial intelligence, screenless experiences, and cutting-edge technology. Along with the Virgin Pulse App for Apple Watch, the Virgin Pulse Alexa Skill weaves Virgin Pulse’s wellbeing program into daily routines, workflows, and technology systems, empowering users to build and track healthy habits in and beyond the workplace.

“If we want to help employees do and be their best, we have to make wellbeing resources, tools, and guidance accessible no matter where they are and through the devices they use every day,” said Ron Hildebrandt, SVP of Products, Virgin Pulse. “Right now, nearly 70% of our members interact with our platform through mobile devices, and we expect that number to both increase and evolve as new technology enters the marketplace. With the Virgin Pulse Alexa Skill, we’re providing employees with another pathway to better engagement and wellbeing, removing barriers by offering a truly seamless, no-touch way to track goals, activity, and results.”

Members can interact with the Virgin Pulse Alexa Skill in three primary ways:

  1. Receive updates on progress towards goals. Skill: “Alexa, ask Virgin Pulse how I’m doing today.”
  2. Track healthy habits to the Virgin Pulse platform. Skill: “Alexa, tell Virgin Pulse I took the stairs today.”
  3. Get reminders and prompts to check in on additional healthy habits that may have been overlooked. Skill: “Great job taking the stairs. Did you bring your lunch today?”

“Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa will make many of our daily tasks easier, and it’s exciting to see Virgin Pulse innovate on the Amazon Alexa platform,” said BJ Fogg, Founder of the Persuasive Tech Lab, Stanford University and member of the Virgin Pulse Science Advisory Board. “I expect this skill will help members interact with their health in a fun, useful, seamless way.”

The Virgin Pulse Alexa Skill will provide screenless tracking for the program’s most popular and important habits, like nutrition, sleep, activity, and water intake. In the coming months, the skill will continue to advance, incorporating more of Virgin Pulse’s 150+ trackable health habits.

The Virgin Pulse Alexa Skill is available for all Alexa-enabled devices, including Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, Amazon Dot, and Amazon Fire. Live demonstrations of the Virgin Pulse Alexa Skill and the company’s additional artificial intelligence innovations for employee wellbeing will be showcased at Virgin Pulse’s Thrive Summit, taking place May 30 – June 1 in Scottsdale, AZ. To learn more about how Virgin Pulse is leveraging the latest technology to provide meaningful and engaging wellbeing experiences, visit

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