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Press Release

Kick-starting Health in the Workplace

Over 800 organizations step, bike, swim and yoga their way to better health and wellbeing as the May 2018 Virgin Pulse Global Challenge comes to an end

Providence, R.I. - (October 4, 2018)

On August 30th more than 270,000 people, across 144 countries, completed Virgin Pulse’s 100-day Global Challenge, moving them towards a more active, healthy and productive lifestyle. With this achievement, Virgin Pulse, an international leader in employee health and wellbeing, once again proves it’s helping to improve worker’s lives for good. The company’s Global Challenge event encourages exercise, mindfulness and healthy habits at work, leading to a happier culture and reduced costs to the organization.

“Through increased awareness, education and motivation, employees master long-term, sustainable habits allowing them to arrive at work feeling more engaged, productive and equipped for peak performance,” says David Osborne, Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Pulse. “The follow-on effects of healthy and motivated employees provide massive business benefits.”

The growing numbers of sedentary lifestyles in the workplace are not only corelated to obesity risks, chronic pain and lowered productivity among employees, but are quickly adding to the growing number of mental health cases across businesses. These effects from poor employee health costs companies in the US $225.8 billion annually and £73 billion in the UK, with similar instances and figures across the globe.

The new lifestyle habits employees develop when increasing their daily activity and overall wellness during the 100-day Global Challenge have a positive impact on the their work and workplaces:

  • 54% of participants report an increase in either their productivity or concentration
  • 60% of participants feel the Global Challenge has improved their energy levels

Dr. David Batman, International Occupational Health Advisor, explains that Global Challenge participants experience positive results in varying degrees across a range of health issues. “The most inactive participants at the beginning of the program report the biggest improvement in overall health, such as mental wellbeing and weight loss, after completing the Global Challenge.”^ This includes:

  • 57% of participants who track their weight, report losing weight, with an average loss of 3.3kg or 7 LB 5 OZ
  • Following the Global Challenge, 42% of participants are undertaking 30 minutes of planned physical activity five or more times per week compared to 17% pre-Global Challenge.
  • 68% of participants report a decrease in stress levels at home and/or work following their participation in the Global Challenge.

The 2018 May Global Challenge finished on August 30, 2018. The latest Virgin Pulse Global Challenge kicked off September 5, 2018

The May 2018 Virgin Pulse Global Challenge

In the May 2018 Virgin Pulse Global Challenge, more than 270,000 participants walked, biked, swam, rowed and ran their way to better health and wellbeing.

In teams of seven, participants use fitness trackers and the Global Challenge app to record their daily activity. There are more than 50 step conversions for different activities, ranging from aerobics to yoga, offered. The app also includes nutrition, sleep, focus and wellbeing modules to help create new healthy habits and lower stress levels at home and in the workplace.

  • Pre Global Challenge, 21% of participants hit 10,000+ steps a day.^
  • Post Global Challenge, 75% of participants hit 10,000+ steps a day.^

In combination with the app and desktop experience, the Global Challenge provides a complete health and wellbeing platform that makes getting healthy fun and exciting.

The next Virgin Pulse Global Challenge kicks off on October 17, 2018.  Find out more about the Global Challenge.


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About Virgin Pulse Global Challenge
Part of Virgin Pulse’s suite of employee wellbeing and engagement solutions, the Global Challenge is a turnkey event that fuses science and entertainment to engage employees, via a team-based virtual journey, in setting, tracking and achieving their health and wellbeing goals. Virgin Pulse Global Challenge draws upon the latest aggregated health information and outcomes shared by employees who have successfully completed the Global Challenge award-winning, 12-month health and performance program. These insights, from 5,500 of the world’s leading companies across 185 countries and combined with the latest independent research, provide employers with new perspectives and practical recommendations to improve the health and performance of their workforce. For more information visit:

About Virgin Pulse
Virgin Pulse, the leading provider of technology solutions that promote employee engagement and wellbeing, and part of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, helps employers create workforces that are happier, healthier and ultimately more productive. The company’s modern, mobile first platform delivers a personalised user experience that utilises gamification to engage users in building habits that inspire meaningful and measurable change across individuals and the businesses they serve. By helping employees thrive at work and in all aspects of life, Virgin Pulse is helping change lives and businesses around the world for good. More than 2,200 global organisations representing many of the Fortune 500 and Best Places to Work, have selected Virgin Pulse’s solutions to engage their workforces and drive their businesses forward. For more information about Virgin Pulse, visit:

^Virgin Pulse Global Challenge 100 Day Journey – Global Final Report 2018