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Data Engineer


Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Now is the time to join us!  

At Virgin Pulse we value and celebrate diversity and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. We believe in creating teams made up of individuals with various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Why? Because diversity inspires innovation, collaboration, and challenges us to produce better solutions. But more than this, diversity is our strength, and a catalyst in our ability to #changelivesforgood.   

Who are you? 

As a Data Engineer with Virgin Pulse, you love working on a fast-paced reporting pipeline.  As a KEY member of the Data Systems & Reporting team, you will be part of a full-stack data & reporting team to create data pipelines, ensure quality & accuracy, design & build BI visualizations, automate SQL scripts, all to deliver world-class data visualizations and analytics for our customers.


You are passionate about top quality data software and knowledgeable about business insights, capable of sharing this knowledge with internal clients and customers.  You understand SQL deeply and have experience with data modelling, scripting, and automation.  You also take pride in having an agile mindset and a deep commitment to the principles of agile software development.   Last but certainly not least, you take pride in your strong sense of teamwork.


In addition to the above you possess a number of desirable traits including:

  • You have outstanding problem solving and analytical skills
  • You prioritize openness to others' views, recognizing and supporting team priorities
  • You build partnerships across the organization to achieve cross-department objectives
  • You communicate clearly, adjusting your style based on audience (eg: “business”, “technical”, or “non-technical” audience)
  • A passion for learning technologies and applying them to the right projects will make you successful in this position

You are passionate about quality.  Ensuring accuracy and elegance in your work is something you do every day.  You think carefully about anything before writing code, you code with fastidious attention to detail, you test obsessively, and you take criticism enthusiastically and improve continually.


In a typical week you may:

  • Build features used by hundreds-of-thousands of people around the world
  • Work on a product that changes people’s lives
  • Write create clean, extensible code to build out a microservice-based architecture
  • Drive collaborative reviews of design, code, data, features implementation performed by other data engineers in support of maintaining data engineering standards
  • Troubleshoot complex data & feature issues, and perform root cause analysis to proactively resolve product and operational issues (L2-3 production support)
  • Use a wide variety of modern technologies, including
    • Data streaming (Kafka, SQS/SNS queuing, etc)
    • Columnar databases (Redshift, Snowflake, Firebolt, etc)
    • Commonly used AWS services (S3, Lambda, Redshift, EC2, etc)
    • BI tools (Tableau, Domo, MicroStrategy, Qlik)
  • Have fun doing all the above

You’ll be rewarded and recognized for your performance in an environment that will challenge you and give you clear direction on what it takes to succeed in your role as well as provide development for other roles you may be interested in.

What you bring to the Virgin Pulse team:


Our technology.  
Our next generation Data Pipeline is using an exciting mixture of large scale, highly available, public-facing systems built on serverless infrastructure.  This Data Pipeline ensures scalable, secure, private, and high-performance access to any data from our application, operational tools, or any other data generated within the organization.


Our Data Pipeline feeds our Data Lake and Data Warehouse; both of which use Amazon Web Services extensively for stability and high availability.  Our Data Lake provides authenticated, secure access to any available data in our organization.  Our Data Warehouse provides additional structure and value to our data, which can be readily used for training machine learning algorithms, any internal or external reporting, and informing our company’s products.

We focus on building and delivering smaller, agile releases to our environments (Development, QA, Staging, Production), with integrated unit tests and code coverage analysis to reduce the risk taken with only a few large releases/product updates.   


What you bring to the team.

  • Completed a B.S./M.S. in Computer Science or equivalent engineering degree
  • 1-3 years’ experience with Data Engineering, Warehousing, or Python programming
  • 1+ years’ experience building and editing BI visualizations and/or dashboards
  • Track record of balancing near-term “MVP” results with long-term goals
  • Experience applying Test Driven Development principles to Data Engineering
  • 1+ years’ experience with Python as it relates to and support data workloads and applications (PySpark, Pandas, DataFrames, etc.)
  • Familiarity with data pipelines, data modeling, architecture & governance concepts
  • Experience and commitment to Agile practices
  • You are self-motivated, creative, and detail oriented
  • Enjoy actively experimenting with new technologies

Bonus Points for: 

  • Experience building and maintaining Object-Oriented software and applications, built on distributed service architecture
  • Experience working side-by-side with business owners, and translating business needs into data, reporting, and analytics solutions
  • Broad experience with multiple AWS Services
  • Experience working with sensitive data subject to PII and HIPAA standards
  • Comfort traversing a whole app (web or mobile) stack
  • Exposure to continuous integration and/or deployment and automated testing

Our technology sets us apart

Our cloud platform is using an exciting mixture of technologies to provide millions of end users with rich experiences in native mobile and responsive browser platforms built in Angular at scale.  These highly scalable, reliable applications are supported by a suite of services built on APIs and real-time processors leveraging Spring Framework technologies.  Our platforms consume billions of activities, in various forms, which drive our analytics and machine learning platforms.  We leverage backend systems, with AWS at their core, which support a diverse set of workloads including Aurora RDS, ElastiCache, SNS/SQS, Kafka, EC2/ECS/EKS, S3, CloudFront, and Personalize.  We manage these services with infrastructure as code technologies to ensure consistency and reliability.


Continuous Integration and Deployment is part of our DNA.  We structure our applications as microservices and manage each deployment pipeline using containers, GitLab, and Harness. We strive for layered approach to unit, integration, functional tests to allow for lower risk releases at rates 100s of times per day to multiple environments.


You’ll be working on a platform that serves:

  • Several million users with nearly 50% use daily
  • 75 billion API calls and transactions a year spread across 35 services
  • An engaging native mobile platform driving 85% of user traffic
  • Hundreds of terabytes of data spread across multiple transactional and analytical stores

Engineers at Virgin Pulse work in small autonomous teams of technical leads, product owners, project managers, designers, and engineers collaborating with each other, across teams, to deliver unique solutions and products to the portfolio.  As part of our team, you bring to the table your technical and leadership skills to help us build the latest technology in health and wellness platforms.

Security Competencies:

Work to ensure system and data security is maintained at a high standard, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the Virgin Pulse application is not compromised. Ensure industry best practice coding standards are adhered to ensure all code developed at Virgin Pulse is free from bugs and security vulnerabilities, such as those defined and published by OWASP.


Why work at Virgin Pulse?  

We believe a career should provide competitive pay and benefits, a collaborative and supportive culture and cutting-edge technology and services. Virgin Pulse is an equal opportunity organization and is committed to diversity, inclusion, equity and social justice. To that end, we make a particular effort to recruit candidates from minoritized backgrounds to apply for open positions.