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Replay: Shifting the Focus from Sleep to True Circadian Health

A major shift is predicted in wellness: less focus on sleep solutions and a new focus on circadian health optimization.

We live in a sleep obsessed world; however, very few of us understand the biological reason for why we need sleep.

Over time, humans evolved to be ultra-sensitive to the 24-hour cycle of the sun. The bedrock of circadian science is that regular light/dark cycles (the bright, blue light of day, darkness at dusk) are the daily “time cues” needed to reset our circadian clocks every single day. Our magnificent, internal, light-timed circadian rhythms control almost every system in our bodies: from our sleep/wake cycles to our immune and metabolic systems.

We invite you to watch a webinar replay where Dr. David Batman discusses the new shift in wellness that will help us get better quality sleep and will also help boost the brain/body systems controlled by the circadian clock.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to optimize circadian health (incorporating the type and timing of light).
  • How modern life with 24 hour “offices” and workplace demands have created an environment that alters our circadian rhythms and causes sleep disruptions. 
  • The brain and body systems that are controlled by the circadian clock.

Watch the Replay!


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