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Replay: Global Employee Wellbeing Landscape: 2020 & Beyond

Expert insights on the future of employee wellbeing

Six months ago, best practices for global employee wellbeing looked drastically different than what they look like today. The world is currently faced with new challenges due to COVID-19 that will significantly alter what the future of employee wellbeing looks like for every business.

We invite you to watch this webinar replay with Dr. David Batman as he discusses how organizations should make employee health and wellbeing a priority now in order to create a safe, resilient and thriving workforce in years to come.

Watch the replay to learn:

  • How to support employee worldwide as the world navigates new challenges brought on by COVID-19
  • Reasons why employee wellbeing is a core business driver
  • Why it is critical to choose a wellbeing vendor that can provide personalized and single sourced solutions while also reacting to changing global circumstances
  • COVID-19 biggest risk factors and key lifestyle behaviors you can control to stay healthy

Watch the Replay!


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