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Creating value and accelerating growth

By adding Virgin Pulse to your panel of vendors, brokers and consultants are adding unparalleled value for their clients, engaging more members, delivering better outcomes, and changing more lives for good – every single day.

Build a competitive advantage and enhance client retention by:

  • Driving health outcomes with digital tools, programmes and activities that holistically address health and wellbeing
  • Empowering clients with a flexible and scalable solution that they can make their own
  • Expanding revenue streams and enhancing your ability to cross and upsell other health and benefit provisions
  • Partnering with the industry leader globally in health and wellbeing

Virgin Pulse for Intermediaries

Brokers and consultants are drawing upon Virgin Pulse’s expertise and consumer-grade digital platform to support clients and members across the entire health, wellbeing and benefits lifecycle. Flexible, self-service marketing and communications tools, scalable configurations and embedded analytics, and a powerful white label platform allow intermediaries to elevate member health and increase programme utilisation while helping clients boost employee productivity, lower absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover.

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Support your clients. Change lives for good.

By leveraging Virgin Pulse’s consumer-focused digital platform, brokers and consultants are:

Engaging members daily in building and sustaining healthy habits and lifestyles

Engaging members daily in building and sustaining healthy habits and lifestyles

Through AI and personalisation, the Virgin Pulse platform matches members with the right behaviours and reinforce them via microlearning, triggers, challenges, rewards and repetition – all via a mobile-first experience.

Using data and analytics to deliver a seamless member experience

Using data and analytics to deliver a seamless member experience

Leverage a broad data set including claims, biometric, and demographic data to understand members’ health risk profile and to deliver targeted, personalised experiences, identify gaps in care and member compliance, to prove tangible ROI for clients. The Virgin Pulse platform maintains the highest level of data security and privacy including GDPR, APEC CBPR and HIPAA.

Unlocking the value of HR investments

Unlocking the value of HR investments

Access actionable metrics to optimise employee health and wellbeing and prove tangible ROI. Intuitive analytics help HR and benefits leaders measure programme impact, optimise for success and make data-backed decisions with confidence.

Virgin Pulse's Intermediary Offerings

Fully customisable solutions to suit all clients

Industry leading analytics and reporting

Expansive challenge library

Enhanced incentive management


Market-leading engagement. Extraordinary business outcomes.



    Three-quarters of employees engage daily with the platform



    An average of 7 habit-building interactions per day, our members achieve lasting behaviour change



    Our clients love the results: 95% client retention