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Research in action.

Founded in 2014, the Virgin Pulse Institute is an evidence-based organisation that conducts research and advances knowledge on workforce topics like health, wellbeing, and employee engagement.

Reaching way beyond ROI studies, The Institute collaborates with leading researchers and other organisations to identify scalable, data-driven, consumer-centric solutions to the top workplace issues facing companies today.

Latest Research

Read cutting edge research from internationally academics and experts across key fields the impact employee wellbeing and engagement.

  • Get Engaged Employees

    Learn how a healthy culture can drive greater employee commitment and engagement.

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  • Stress: Identify and Improve the Hidden Workplace Threat

    This report helps employers start the conversation about a widespread but under-reported issue.

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  • Happy Days: Drive Better Business Outcomes With Happiness

    Create a working environment that promotes positivity.

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  • Grit: The Will to Overcome

    Learn how to increase resilience among your workforce.

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Science Advisory Board

We’ve brought together the best and brightest minds across key fields that impact wellbeing. Our Science Advisory Board helps ensure our technology and overall wellbeing experiences are rooted in the most relevant scientific evidence and best practices.

Meet our internationally recognised academics, experts, and professionals.

  • Global Wellbeing Alliance

    The Global Wellbeing Alliance, the newest endeavor of the Virgin Pulse Institute, is a global community of leaders in HR and wellbeing from all around the world. The Global Wellbeing Alliance consists of client and non-client members who collaborate and share experiences from their organisations, and leverage research from the Virgin Pulse Institute’s Insights team and Science Advisory Board to help them best align their HR practices, business goals and company culture.

    The group meets in major global cities and has regional meet ups throughout the year to network and collaborate with the Virgin Pulse Institute on research projects, webinars, case studies, panels and other thought leadership opportunities.