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“From the company’s point of view, taking part in the GO Challenge is worthwhile in many ways: Promoting the health of the employees, promoting cohesion, more commitment and enjoyment at work, which ultimately leads to higher productivity and higher company loyalty.”

Dana Marzan
HR Development Specialist at DHL Express Switzerland

Customer Success Stories

"I saw high rates of self-reported anxiety, stress and signs and symptoms of depression—something wasn’t adding up. I realised that not all employees were aware of the benefits available to them. I knew I had to do something to show employees where to go for help."

Lauren Chestnut Manager of wellbeing and worklife programmes
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"Every company wants to do more work with less people. If you’re going to do that, you’ve got to provide them with options to stay healthy. When you encourage employees to exercise and eat healthy, you’re going to have more productivity in the workplace.”

Kim McCracken VP, Mgr, Employee Benefits & Payroll
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"With its social and competitive elements, it proved to be a fun way to promote health and stay connected while many of our global workforce worked on site or at home.”

Gyuri Endes Vice President of HR
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"We believe that families play an important role in employees’ wellbeing. If everything is well at home, our employees can work better. The Virgin Pulse programme gave us a chance to get them involved."

Stella Kaszab Director of HR & Marketing, H1 Systems
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“It gave us a way to keep the culture preserved during a time when it easily could have been negatively affected by the pandemic.”

Steve Sost Vice President of Internal Communications
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"The challenge was a fun way to encourage engagement and team spirit.”

Paolita Strandberg HR Business Partner
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"I think Virgin Pulse is doing such an incredible job of helping people to realise that wellbeing is a whole person."

Elizabeth C., Wellness Specialist

“Knowing that Virgin Pulse has been making really good strategic decisions has helped us make our decision even easier.”

Jenny V., Wellbeing Programme Manager

“We are constantly trying to make lives better for those outside of our organisation, and we also want to have that same care for people internally as well.”

Jennifer S., Manger, Wellbeing Programmes

"70% of our workforce signed up for the program - we were blown away by this level of interest in the area of health and wellbeing."

Romke Noordhuis Lead Country Manager Budapest

"The Global Challenge helped to push awareness that keeping healthy and well are precisely what employees need, even when they’re right in the middle of being busy."

David Chiang Head of Human Resources
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"It's just incredible how such a small device can impact a company - we can feel it in the everyday life, we can see how people are energized! This contributes to our success."

Armand Sohet Sulzer in Motion supported by Virgin Pulse
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