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The Global ChallengeHow It Works

How The Global Challenge Works

Each year, for 100 days, hundreds of thousands of employees around the world compete in teams of seven as the Global Challenge takes them on a journey that will improve both their physical and psychological health. It is comprised of five modules that highlight key areas for leading a healthy and active lifestyle – all delivered with a high dose of fun and a feel-good factor.

Easy to Roll Out

Teams of 7

Employees sign up in teams of 7, which creates healthy competition, support and motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, it ensures that a broad range of employees, including the health skeptics, join the fun.

Starter Kit

You get all the tools to make the Global Challenge a success in your organization, including materials to create excitement and drive registrations.

Measuring Up

At the start of the journey, employees measure their current health in an easy and interactive way.

The Global Challenge is a turnkey solution that’s easy to implement across your organisation.

Every journey starts with a single step

Ground-Up Approach

The Global Challenge transforms employee health and wellbeing one step at time, building confidence and demonstrating how enjoyable and easy lifestyle changes can be.

Mini Challenges

Mini Challenges provide employees with that extra bit of motivation throughout their journey, and some extra fun to keep them going.

Marketing Materials

A full suite of materials in 14 languages helps you engage and excite your employees across the globe throughout the Global Challenge adventure.

Your employees start the journey by tracking their daily activity, working towards 10,000+ steps each day.

Evaluate and Celebrate

Fusing Science and Fun

Our approach is based on science and proven results and we put the employee at the heart of everything we do.

Celebrate Achievement

We also help you celebrate and recognize everyone’s achievements with a suite of multilingual marketing materials.

Evaluate Success

End-of-event reporting and analytics quantify the improvements to health, performance and teamwork across your business.

The Global Challenge is a yearly event-spectacular that improves employees’ health, performance and culture.

The Business Outcomes

The Global Challenge changes lives and businesses for good - the numbers prove it!



    of members get enough sleep vs. 56% pre-Global Challenge



    of members are more productive and can concentrate better



    of clients observe improved morale from the Global Challenge



    of members recommend the Global Challenge to others



    of clients have experienced improved teamwork



    of members who track their weight have lost weight, with an average loss of 3.3 kg



    of members are less stressed at work or at home



    of members rate their overall health as good, very good or excellent vs. 60% pre-Global Challenge

*Data sources: 2018 Global Final Report & 2017 Client Survey Results.

Changing Lives and Businesses for Good

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    "It's just incredible how such a small device can impact a company - we can feel it in the everyday life, we can see how people are energized! This contributes to our success."
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  • "One of the things that attracts our people to participate is that natural sense of polite competition between teams and they really look to stretch themselves and achieve that step count everyday."
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  • "I would say that the GCC has been one of the easiest well-being initiatives to implement. I've seen some real changes in our employees."
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  • "The benefits are measurable, individual and corporate. That’s the strength of the GCC."
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  • "The Global Challenge helped to push awareness that keeping healthy and well are precisely what employees need, even when they’re right in the middle of being busy."
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