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Customer Success Stories

“It gave us a way to keep the culture preserved during a time when it easily could have been negatively affected by the pandemic.”

Steve Sost Vice President of Internal Communications
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"The challenge was a fun way to encourage engagement and team spirit.”

Paolita Strandberg HR Business Partner
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"Companies going through transformation can benefit a lot from using Virgin Pulse because this brings teams together, helps collaboration and drives health & engagement."

Andras L. Danko, PhD Corporate Services Director Europe

"The Global Challenge helped to push awareness that keeping healthy and well are precisely what employees need, even when they’re right in the middle of being busy."

David Chiang Head of Human Resources
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"The Global Challenge gets everyone working and exercising together, and with that it naturally fosters teamwork and stronger bonds between colleagues."

Angelin Low Group Talent Management
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“The friendly competition in the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge encourages connectivity across the organisation. We are seeing employees build more social connections in their offices, as well as across our Asia Pacific offices.”

Hope Ewing - Senior Director
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"It got our people moving right, eating right, sleeping right and as a whole become healthier individuals who will be able to perform better in the company."

Michele Lum - Chief Leadership Officer & Head of Strategic Communications

“The Global Challenge created a happier workforce because people were talking and communicating. It was a priceless opportunity for us to connect in an engaging way.”

Lee-Anne Walsh - Business Transformation Manager
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“By rolling the program out in 13 countries worldwide, we encouraged our employees to adopt healthier lifestyles, which translate into more positive outlooks at work.”

Daniel Rüfenacht - Vice President of Corporate Sustainability
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Personal Success Stories

I have started eating fruits regularly and I feel much healthier. I’ve lost 2 kilos and everyone is complimenting me on the weight loss and my skin is glowing.

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I’ve continued to log my steps and set my own individual challenges. I was averaging 12K+ steps per day and I’m now tracking at 15k+.

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Jennifer started running each morning to get active minutes on her pedometer, which encouraged her to make healthier food choices. She is now down 23 kg, has more energy, and higher confidence!

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Tired of not being able to maintain a healthy weight, Hannah joined the program. Since then, she has ran multiple races and is in the best shape of her life!

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Virgin Pulse helped Daniel deal with being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes by helping him effectively stay on top of his daily activity and keep his glucose levels balanced.

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Being able to track her diet influenced Susan to lower her cholesterol by cutting down on fat grams. She also used the money earned to sign up for a gym membership!

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Sierra Leone

I have started eating fruits regularly and I feel much healthier. I’ve lost 2 kilos and everyone is complimenting me on the weight loss and my skin is glowing. My energy levels are definitely higher and our office colleagues have seen our health changes and they want to join too!




I’ve continued to log my steps and set my own individual challenges. I was averaging 12K+ steps per day and I’m now tracking at 15k+. So the healthy habits have become the norm. There are so many ways to feel encouraged and motivated – and so much to learn and feel good about getting your health on track.



Keep moving and watch your calorie intake.

My Virgin Pulse adventure began in Oct 2011. I started with a goal of 7000 steps daily (which was a task) and am now up to a minimum of 45 active minutes each day that I achieve by running on the treadmill each morning. I watch my daily calorie intake closely as well so that all of my hard work on the treadmill is not in vain. I have improved my blood pressure, my body fat percentage, BMI, and my weight is down more than 23 kgs. I am the closest to my goal weight that I have been in about 25 years and I feel so much better! The energy level and confidence that I will meet my goal is great and the HealthCash rewards earned have helped me to replace my Pandora bracelet that I lost! I’m so thankful for Regions and Virgin Pulse partnership in this program and the motivation they have given to help me be successful. It has definitely been a lifesaver for me and my family who has also became more active because of this. Kudos to all who worked to develop such a great program!!



Be proud of your accomplishments everyday

When I joined Virgin Pulse about a year and a half ago, I was determined to get healthy and fit. My weight had yo-yo’ed for years, and I was tired of that. Once on the program, I have completed several fitness programs, ran races, and am currently training for my second half marathon. I am in the best shape of my life and have made health and fitness my priority. I tell all my coworkers about the program and recommend it because I find it so inspiring. Nearly everyone I work with has joined, and we love challenging and motivating each other.




I have always been active and paid attention to what I eat. I joined Virgin Pulse as a way to earn extra money for what I already do. About 2 months after joining, I was shocked to be diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. After months of learning about my condition and ways to cope with it, I found that regular exercise is the best thing I can add to my daily agenda to control my glucose.

I’ve made some adjustments with my diet, but adding regular cardio has been the biggest change. My position at the bank requires a lot of sitting and has been the most sedentary job I’ve ever had. My pedometer gives me a perfect way to make sure I hit a certain level every day for my health. I’ve never used one before and I love it. I can honestly say that if I had not signed up for VP, I would not have had a good way to monitor my activity and keep my glucose levels stabilised.

I’ve been able to monitor my weight more effectively; I lost 5 kg earlier this year because of high glucose and I was already skinny. Since that time I’ve managed to gain muscle mass and put the kilos back on. I know most people think losing weight is a good thing, but in my case it wasn’t healthy. The timing of this program could not have been better. The reason behind the program changed dramatically 2 months after I started but I am so grateful that I did.



Persistence, keep walking, record activity, practice mindfulness

I lost 34 kg seven years ago, after years of yo-yo weight. Walking was a big part of my maintaining my weight loss. Everyone at work kept asking why I did not do the Virgin Pulse program since I walk so much (I’ve done the rim to rim in Grand Canyon in one day, I’ve hiked the 4 day Inca Trail in Peru). I did not think there would be much value (other than some cash for the inconvenience of tracking my activity). However, curiosity finally made me join. The health benefit for me was recording my health information weekly. Seeing the pattern of my weight kept me from over-reacting to a short term gain or loss. By completing the health questionnaire it motivated me to work on my high cholesterol, everything else was very good. I am happy to report that after cutting my fat grams to 35 a day and continuing to focus on my physical activity, I went from 245 count to 203 in about three months time and without statins or other medicines… Virgin Pulse accountability helped. The side bonus… I paid for my yearly gym membership classes with my cash that I earned doing this program. I signed up for a second year.