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What are the Key Workplace Health Priorities?

December 5, 2018 / Workplace wellbeing

Each year since 2012, Virgin Pulse and Human Capital Media (HCM) have conducted a survey to gain insight on health and wellbeing benefits programs.

Respondents include HR practitioners and other executives who participate in HCM research, both in the US and globally.

Some key trends emerged from their responses:

  • Investment in wellbeing continues to grow
  • There is a move towards more holistic wellbeing programs that move beyond physical health to stress and mental health
  • Successful programs need a measurement strategy that can tie wellbeing efforts to business outcomes.

Also, for the first time since conducting the survey, a new, key theme has emerged as an industry-defining priority for employers.

To discover more trends – and what’s new – download the report,The business of healthy employees: a 2017 survey of workplace health priorities.

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