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Pharmaceutical company, Takeda, awarded for their Virgin Pulse patient programme 

November 13, 2020 / Employee Engagement

Written By: Katrina Hundal

The bar has just been set higher. Possibilities broadened. Takeda has shown pharmaceutical companies around the world just what can be achieved when you adopt a patient-first mindset.  

After receiving over 450 submissions across Europe, leading global pharmaceuticals company, Takeda, has been awarded Most Valuable Service or Digital Therapy and Patient Champion Award: Pharma in the recent Reuters Events Pharma Awards Europe 2020 for their roll out of the Virgin Pulse programme to haemophilia patients.

What is haemophilia?
Haemophilia is a genetic disease whereby patients have the inability to form blood clots which can be life threatening especially after an injury. Takeda provides medication to patients globally to help manage the disease. But wanting to take it a step further, they have also been looking at ways that they can innovate and improve the conditions for their haemophilia community – so they decided to partner with Virgin Pulse. 

Thinking outside the box

Although Virgin Pulse programmes are usually launched by workplaces to employees or insurers to membersTakeda creatively came up with the idea of enrolling their Haemophilia patients in the programme. Their goal? For patients to adopt long-term healthy lifestyle changes, whilst also providing the opportunity for them to connect with others within their community and develop a sense of belonging. 

The journey 

The roll out saw 1500 patients sign up across 8 different countriesPlaced in teams of seventhey were each led by a medical professional as their Team Captain to monitor their progress and help with any questions. Then it was ready, step, go! Each team banded together to increase their physical activity and improve their nutrition, sleep and mental health. The more physical activity they did as a team, the more destinations they unlocked and learnt about on their virtual journey around the world. 

Incredible results
On completion of the Virgin Pulse programmepatients recorded long-lasting changes to their lifestyle, health and wellbeing: 

  • 75% of members reach 10,000+ steps per day, compared to 21% pre-event 
  • 57% of members lost weight, with an average loss of 3.3kg 
  • 68% of members reported a decrease in stress levels 
  • 60% of members reported an increase in energy levels 

The Virgin Pulse programme also provided a place for patients all over the world to share their experience and support each other on their very own Community page.  

The initiative highlighted Takeda’s ongoing commitment to patient centricityPlus the value of the Virgin Pulse programme and its impact on people living with chronic health conditions and disorders. And as we draw a close to an end of another year, it’s exciting to look ahead to new one. Just think of what more digital health possibilitiesinnovations and outcomes will be in store.  

Learn more about Virgin Pulse’s award-winning health and wellbeing programmes and how it can help you drive positive impacts on peoples’ lives.


About Takeda 

Takeda is a patient-focused, values-based, R&D-driven global biopharmaceutical company committed to bringing better health and a brighter future to people worldwide. Takeda’s passion and pursuit of potentially life-changing treatments for patients are deeply rooted in their distinguished 238-year history in Japan. With a presence in approximately 80 countries, the company delivers highly innovative medicines and transformative care for more people globally. 

About The Author

Katrina is a Content Specialist based at our Zurich, Switzerland office. It’s not enough for this gal to think locally, she’s determined to make an impact globally. And helping to create fun, healthy workplaces worldwide is her mission. When she’s not busy changing lives for good, you’ll find her doing Bollywood or Samba dancing, having a hit of tennis, or head in the books trying to add another language to her repertoire.

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