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Get value from your wellbeing program

June 3, 2019 / Employee Wellbeing Best Practices


Virgin Pulse recently sat down with Global HR Industry Analyst, Josh Bersin to discuss how employers can ensure they they are getting value from their wellbeing strategy.

Bersin is a well-known author in the HR field, as well as president and founder of Bersin & Associates, a leading industry research and advisory firm in enterprise learning and talent management.

Bersin says society has created a workplace culture that’s increasingly hard on people and now it’s up to employers to mitigate this by implementing an employee wellbeing strategy. Therefore, health and wellbeing platforms in the workplace have become a global phenomenon.

He says employers have a responsibility to look after their employees, and that they need to recognise there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Each segment of the workforce needs wellbeing elements that are important for a particular department.

For more of Bersin’s insights into how to optimise value from your wellbeing program, watch the full interview.


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