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Case Study:

Valley Water

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Opportunity Create a Culture of Wellbeing

Valley Water provides safe, clean water to the residents of California’s Silicon Valley, manages flood protection infrastructure and stewards more than 275 miles of local streams. Essentially, they are water wellness experts. And as a recent winner of the Healthiest Employer in the Bay Area award, they’re experts at keeping their employees well, too. But it wasn’t always this way. Five and a half years ago, Valley Water and their benefits consultant introduced a simple wellness program to augment their employee benefits. Although it took time to gain traction, these efforts sparked interest and excitement within the workforce. Thanks to the successful partnership, Valley Water has grown its program to the innovative, award-winning wellbeing program that it has today.

  • “We took a major step forward with the launch of Virgin Pulse in 2016. It takes time, budget and expertise to grow a program, but bringing in a more progressive and innovative platform like Virgin Pulse allowed us to expand our wellbeing offerings faster and more effectively.”

    - Michal Rinkevich Director of Wellness Services