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Case Study:

Northern Arizona Healthcare

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The Challenge: Being Present, Connecting and Self-Care

Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) is the largest healthcare organization in its region with a team of more than 3,000 doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers, that work together to provide superior healthcare to a number of medical facilities within the area.

Throughout this past year, NAH found themselves at the epicenter of the pandemic crisis and were on the frontlines providing care for COVID-19 patients. Due to the unprecedented circumstances the organization was facing, employees found themselves incredibly overworked, stressed and anxious for the health and wellbeing of their patients and themselves. That’s when Mitch Martens, NAH’s Wellness Manager and wellbeing champion, knew he had to do something to provide his people with some sort of relief to get through a typically stressful time of year in an already chaotic time – the holidays.

  • I will be honest, I held my breath because we had no baseline or history of doing something like this, but with our Virgin Pulse Senior Client Success Manager’s encouragement and guidance, I knew that we could take the leap of faith.

    - Mitch Martens Wellness Manager

  • 2020 was all about adaptability. Understanding the future was not fixed; the present was unpredictable, and the choices we made had significant personal and community impact. Virgin Pulse provided a space of stability, familiarity, and assurance for our colleagues when it was desperately needed.

    - Mitch Martens Wellness Manager

  • I want to be very clear; I did this challenge because I trust the competence, ingenuity and dedication to “get it right” of Virgin Pulse. This is truly a partnership and without them, we would not be seeing incredible levels of colleague wellness and engagement.

    - Mitch Martens Wellness Manager