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MemorialCare Health Systems

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Opportunity A Wide-Ranging Program

All hospitals aim to make patients healthier and happier. For MemorialCare, a not-for-profit hospital system with four award-winning hospitals and more than 200 sites of care throughout Orange and Los Angeles Counties, one of the key components of making patients healthier and happier is making sure that their employees are thriving. With this as a driving goal, MemorialCare has created one of the industry’s most innovative employee wellbeing programs. It’s called The Good Life. And its implementation has helped MemorialCare exceed state and national success rates time and again. Since they launched The Good Life wellbeing program in 2008, the organization has sought to increase employee happiness, optimism and resilience by following evidence-based best practices.

  • “We know that employees who are thriving in multiple areas of wellbeing and maintaining joy in their work have more energy and resilience while providing amazing care to our patients. Plus, taking care of our greatest asset is simply the right thing to do.”

    - Melanie Cumbee Director of Organizational Health and Wellbeing