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Finish Line

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The Finish Line, Inc. is a leading athletic retailer of footwear, apparel and accessories headquartered out of Indianapolis, Indiana. The company has more than 14,000 employees and has retail locations in 48 states. Kim Kurtz, Benefits Manager, is a serious proponent of Finish Line’s mission to reach its entire staff and engage them in ways that keep them active and healthy. Kim Kurtz was excited when, back in 2011, Finish Line began discussing ways to implement an employee wellbeing program for its workforce. Initially the company’s efforts focused on offering biometric screenings, on-site blood drives, flu shot clinics, and an on-site fitness center.

While these were great initial steps toward keeping its workforce healthy, Finish Line had low participation in these endeavors and realized its new well-being program wasn’t engaging its whole workforce in the way it had envisioned. Finish Line decided it needed to enhance its employee well-being strategy to include incentives and add more culture-building components that could reach and engage all employees to keep well-being top of mind. One of Finish Line’s most important goals was to find a program that excited employees and engaged them on a daily basis.

  • “The communication from Virgin Pulse keeps well-being top of mind by offering challenges, sending out reminders, or launching the program individually when a new employee comes on board. That’s taken a lot of the burden off of us.”

    - Kim Kurtz Finish Line Benefits Manager

  • “Physical activity is a big part of our brand. The fact that employees could get points for physical activity and challenges—our employees are very competitive —that really appealed to us.”

    - Kim Kurtz Finish Line Benefits Manager

  • “The way we’ve measured the success of the program is the shift in culture here at Finish Line. We are more about well-being and we weren’t as focused on that before. It’s infectious when you hear people talking in the hall about doing challenges; there’s more energy and people are excited about coming to work.”

    - Kim Kurtz Finish Line Benefits Manager