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Zipongo’s Technology Makes Healthy Eating Easy

November 1, 2018 / Corporate Wellness

As an employer, you invest a great deal in your workforce. Whether it’s fostering employee engagement or incorporating incentivized wellness programs, it’s clear you’re trying to make a positive culture within your organization.

As we all know, eating well is a huge part of feeling well. But helping your people to develop healthy eating habits can be tricky. How often are you thinking about your employees eating habits at work and at home?

Ultimately, it’s difficult to attain high-performance and a holistically healthy workforce when your employees aren’t empowered to take control of their daily eating habits and nutrition.

Is Free Choice Really Free?

Your employees are inundated by decisions each day – thousands of decisions are made from the second the alarm clock goes off to when they hit the pillow that night.

Did you know they make over 200 decisions each day on food alone? Additionally, the average American spends an increasing time consuming their calories away from home. This includes in the office, driving, at the grocery store, or going out to eat.

Your employees may not be aware of it, but while away from home, they’re are constantly surrounded by persuasive and aggressive food marketing, and food companies are well aware of this vulnerability.

Ultimately, because of all these factors, healthy choices are difficult to make, and food companies make it easy to be unhealthy.

Here’s how you can reignite your people with the tools and education to make better choices for themselves, and formulate long-lasting healthy eating habits.

Technology Backing Nutrition

Employee’s needs vary. By utilizing technology that educates and assists your employees on their well-eating journey, you can help integrate healthier options in their day-to-day in a way that feels natural and habitual.

The solution isn’t removing unhealthy options all together or their ability to choose what they eat, but utilizing technology to filter choices, presenting fewer and better options, more often.

Our partner Zipongo uses digital nutrition technology to create personalized, curated recipes, grocery store lists, and restaurant mini-menus to help make the healthiest choice the easiest choice.

Zipongo meets your employees wherever they are on their nutrition journey.

Unlike a traditional dieting plan, Zipongo’s mobile-first platform fits effortlessly within your employee’s schedule, assisting with eating decision challenges on-the-go and in the moment.

Zipongo makes it easy to understand why your employees eat the way they do and removes obstacles to encourage long-term change. And because every employee has unique needs, Zipongo’s personalized triggers cue your employees to build healthy eating habits in a fashion that’s best suited for their lifestyle.

Research shows that what you eat is more important than physical activity when it comes to losing pounds and maintaining a healthy weight. Healthy eating increases productivity levels and is the fuel that powers your employees.

Providing a digital solution also allows you to focus on supporting your people by celebrating small transformations as a proven digital platform nudges them in the right direction of large-scale change.

Be the influencer that motivates healthy changes. Helping them be successful about their better eating habits will allow your employees to reach their full potential and be their best selves.

Together with Zipongo, we’re able to offer members a deeply integrated nutrition solution that takes the guesswork out of healthy eating with personalized meal recommendations based on food preferences, lifestyle and biometrics.

Click here to learn how Zipongo is helping employees create healthy eating habits and routines.

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