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Your Employee Wellbeing Journey Starts Here

December 1, 2016 / Uncategorized

Virgin Pulse, wellbeing journeyYour people are the backbone of your business. They are the mission-critical system underpinning your organization’s ability to grow and thrive.

You know the positive impact a wellbeing program has on your company’s bottom line, but how do you effectively convey this to key stakeholders? With employee engagement historically hovering around 30%, proving value is a challenge.

Yet, businesses spend billions of dollars every year to ensure that their CRM, ERP, IT, and other technology systems are in tip-top shape — so why is greater effort not applied to ensuring their greatest systems are operating at maximum capacity?

To understand what your organization requires from an employee wellbeing solution, it’s important to begin by determining where your company is on its own wellbeing journey. From there, you can identify the areas for improvement and create an employee experience that engages your population and transforms your business for good. Virgin Pulse guides organizations in determining where they are on their paths to greater wellbeing through its wellbeing assessment, which outlines critical stages organizations experience on their way to strategic wellbeing.

Take the assessment now.

An emphasis on employee wellbeing has the power to change behaviors across organizations, increase productivity, drive employee engagement, and provide real-time insight into the health of your organization. It’s an approach that goes beyond targeting at-risk populations to provide all employees a program that engages and empowers them to succeed. One that is inclusive and personalized. One that makes employee wellbeing feel like it is something done for them, not to them.

The journey starts here. Take the assessment to learn:

  • Where your organization is on the wellbeing journey
  • How to improve business performance with strategic wellbeing
  • Ways wellbeing can build a great organizational culture
  • The power wellbeing has on daily engagement and positive habit formation
  • Virgin Pulse, ShapeUp and Global Corporate Challenge united to create a global force for good

Natalie Austin is the Marketing Manager at Virgin Pulse. She has over 10 years’ experience in marketing & events and combines her studies in leisure and health with her passion for making a difference in individuals lives. Finding herself at home in NYC, she relocated from Sydney, Australia four years ago and has made it her mission to travel to every state in the USA, trying as many Mexican restaurants along the way, whilst managing her addiction to Friends on Netflix.

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