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Winter ‘20 Launch: Your Homebase for Health™ is Here 

October 2, 2020 / Corporate Wellness

Written By: Jordan Dunne

Entering the last few months of 2019, the world was full of hope and excitement as we approached a new decade. People were proclaiming that 2020 was going to be “their year,” devising a grand “2020 vision” for the year ahead. But no one was prepared for the unprecedented challenges and changes that have upended our lives. The COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down, introducing new concepts like social distancing and contact tracing, forcing entire businesses to shift strategies or shut down entirely and instilling a lingering sense of fear and anxiety over contracting coronavirus and what the remainder of the year will bring. 

At Virgin Pulse, we were committed to carrying out our 2020 vision, and the events of this year proved how crucial it was to make our vision a reality. Inspired by the digital health revolution and the critical health and wellbeing needs of individuals across the globe, our Winter ‘20 Homebase for Health™ launch is the most ambitious and significant expansion of our Homebase for Health™ concept in the history of the company. 

What is Homebase for Health™? 

While health and wellbeing are important for everyone, the journey to health is personal. Homebase for Health™ simplifies the wellbeing experience, unifying the digital health tools and resources people need to understand and take action towards their personal health goals.  

“Homebase for Health™ merges the finest consumer experience with unrivaled health and wellbeing data, AI powered recommendations and behavior change expertise – and that’s the key to helping clients keep employees and members connected with care and wellbeing solutions throughout their health journey.” – Ron Hildebrandt, Chief Product Officer   

Organizations Have a Responsibility to Support Employee Wellbeing 

Wellbeing is no longer an optional, nice-to-have workplace perk. The longevity of your organization, as well as your employees, depends on it. In the wake of COVID-19, workplace safety has evolved beyond preventing onsite accidents—employers now must take precautions and establish policies to reduce the risk posed to their employees by COVID-19.  

In May 2020, we introduced VP Passport, a return-to-workplace tool to help organizations ensure the health and safety of their people as offices and businesses slowly reopen and prepare for the year to come. And while this workplace safety resource addresses the physical health needs of your workforce, mental wellbeing is emerging as an equally – if not more – important public health concern. We bolstered our suite of holistic wellbeing offerings by packaging partner add-ons to better support the physical, emotional, financial and family health needs of your workforce. Finally, we took on the challenge of helping organizations establish and maintain a healthy company culture through virtual company-wide wellbeing challenges in our VP GO platform. But we knew more there was still more to be done.  

Our Health is More Important Than Ever 

The coronavirus pandemic didn’t simply upend our daily routines—it shone a light on the urgent need to address chronic conditions and to shift to a preventive approach to healthcare. 

A large part of keeping your employees safe from COVID-19 is helping them manage the preexisting chronic conditions that exponentially increase their risk of hospitalization or mortality related to the novel coronavirus.   

“Unfortunately, today, over 60% of Americans are dealing with at least one chronic condition, and likely 2 or more. That number has increased significantly during COVID and we are seeing firsthand the impact COVID has on those with chronic conditions like diabetes.” – David Osborne, Chief Executive Officer 

We can’t wait for the healthcare system to shift from its current treatment-based, medication-driven approach to disease management to a personalized, preventive means of treating these health concerns. Organizations can take the first steps to reducing the incidence of chronic disease and other preventable risk factors by providing their people with the digital health tools that empower them to make lasting, meaningful behavior change and adopt the healthy habits that will improve individual health outcomes.  

What’s New for Winter ‘20 

While it isn’t possible to hit the reset button on 2020 and start anew, we knew that we could at least give our platform a major refresh. We’ve added: 

  • new user experience (UX) and app navigation for truly personalized wellbeing experience, along with increased device connectivity and data personalization through Apple Health and Google Fit to keep your people engaged in their wellbeing daily.  
  • Expanded Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)-enabled member interactions to deliver hyper personalized health and wellbeing user experiences, from smart healthy nudges to relevant recommendations. 
  • Improved claims analytics tools and insights, including a care checklist and integrated solutions to close gaps in care and reduce healthcare costs. 
  • A suite of evidence-based digital therapeutics, high-touch personalized health coaching and partner offerings to support your high-risk populations to manage or prevent chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and musculoskeletal disorders. 
  • Refreshed diversity and inclusion content to educate your workforce and support a culture of health equity.  
  • Additional features like peer recognition, surveys and support tools to keep your people connected and engaged, wherever they are. 

It’s time for organizations to support their greatest assettheir people. Learn more about everything our Winter ’20 Homebase for Health™ launch has to offer in our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, October 21st at 2pm ET. 

About The Author

Jordan Dunne is a copywriter and editor on the marketing team at Virgin Pulse, focusing on social strategy and health and wellbeing content. Outside of work, you can find her at the gym, hosting trivia, taking photos of food, or snuggling up on the couch with her dogs.

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