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What is Gamification? And Why is it Important for Employee Wellbeing?

May 15, 2018 / Corporate Wellness

Have you heard the term gamification?

Well, it means exactly what it sounds like – it’s the application of game-like elements to an activity. What are “game-like elements”? Easy! Factors such as competition, rules, progress, and “winning” are all what makes a game, well, a game.

Gamification is also a great way to take something that might not be inherently fun, and add a fun element. Kind of like when parents have siblings race to see who can put away toys the fastest, and the winner gets a prize. Suddenly putting away toys doesn’t sound so bad, and who doesn’t like a prize?

You’ll often see gamification applied to popular smartphone apps, studying tools, and even store reward memberships.

Okay, but what does gamification have to do with wellbeing?

HR leaders are learning that incorporating gamification into their employee wellbeing strategy is a great way to increase motivation, engagement, and participation long-term. Suddenly it’s not just step-counting, but an office-wide (or even global!) competition where peers can join teams, go head-to-head and win prizes.

By incorporating gaming principles like change, challenge, and progression, individuals can make long-term behavior change through their employer, and have a little bit more fun while doing it.

We recently sat down with Dr. Scott Ryan, a Virgin Pulse employee and organizational behavior expert to better understand:

  • how gamification can be applied to corporate wellbeing
  • what makes a “great game”
  • how gamification can help carry individuals through lulls in motivation

Click here to download our Quick Read: Using Gamification to Manage Employee Wellbeing Motivation and learn more!


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Renee Mitson is the Senior Manager of Content Marketing at Virgin Pulse. She loves living in Providence, and enjoys cycling and eating spicy food (but not at the same time). 

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