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Wellbeing is the Foundation of Employee Engagement

March 31, 2017 / Employee Engagement

This week, Virgin Pulse’s President & Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rajiv Kumar, wrote a featured blog post for HERO titled, “Wellbeing Is The Foundation of Employee Engagement.” In the piece, Dr. Kumar lays out a new approach to employee engagement, positioning wellbeing as the bedrock of sustained, improved employee morale and engagement. This is a move away from traditional interventions, like surveys and recognition platforms, that have had only a minimal effect on engagement around the world.

He writes, “If employees don’t bring their best selves to work every day – feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to work – nothing else matters…Unless they have a strong foundation of wellbeing, employees will lack the drive to do stellar work that is worthy of recognition, and thus they won’t achieve their optimal level of success at work.”

Dr. Kumar points to other industry analysts and reports that are documenting a similar shift in employee engagement tactics, and likens this new way forward to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, where wellbeing is the critical first step for professional success.

Check out the full article on the HERO blog.

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