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Weekly Article Roundup

March 11, 2011 / Uncategorized

All the news you need from this past week.

Strong leadership support boosts benefits of wellness programs
Business Insurance
A survey of 450 employers found 66% with strong leadership and cultural support for their health programs saw reduced health risks among employees, compared with 26% of those with little or no support. The study also found companies with strong leadership support were 10 times more likely…

Smoking is tied to a higher diabetes risk, study says
A 24-year study in Diabetes Care found women who were heavy smokers had an increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, while ex-smokers and women exposed to secondhand smoke had an even higher risk. The lead researcher said inflammation might be behind the connection, but…

Space Center ties wellness to quality, productivity
Chicago Tribune
The Johnson Space Center in Texas offers one of the most comprehensive corporate wellness programs in the country, with a focus on employee high-risk areas such as poor nutrition and excess weight. The program — which aims to improve health as well as work productivity and quality — includes…

CDC researchers name states in the “diabetes belt”
Researchers have identified 644 counties in 15 states, most of them located in the Southeast, as the U.S. “diabetes belt,” where rates of the disease are higher than in other areas. Lead investigator Dr. Lawrence Barker said identifying such states will help community leaders design programs…

Few Americans meet AHA’s criteria for heart health
Fewer than one in 10 Americans achieved at least five of the American Heart Association’s seven criteria for heart health, which includes having a healthy diet, an active lifestyle and not smoking, and only about two in 10 achieved four measures, according to a study in the journal Circulation. Of…

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