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WEBINAR REPLAY: How Charitable Giving Empowers Wellness at CDM Smith

April 17, 2018 / Webinars

What do you get when you mix charitable giving, wellness and gamification?

An engaged workforce that makes real change in their community!

Leading engineering and construction firm CDM Smith recognized the passion within their employees towards giving back to the community. Learn how they combine charitable giving with their wellness goals to create a community of friendly competition and a workplace their employees feel proud of.

susan-glover.pngWatch this webinar replay with Susan Glover, Wellness and Benefits Manager at CDM Smith to learn how they employ philanthropic incentives to gamify wellness within their organization.

You’ll Learn:

  • How your wellness plan can increase engagement, reduce attrition, and help your employees feel their best
  • How to incorporate charitable giving with wellness to create an environment where employees feel tremendous pride in their workplace
  • How to position executive buy-in to kick start engagement in your organization
  • How to involve families and peers to create a supportive community focused on health


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