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Virgin Pulse’s Annual Survey Reveals Top HR priorities for 2017

January 18, 2017 / Employee Engagement

Recently, we challenged organizations to make employee wellbeing their top priority in 2017 and embrace the employee experience as their most significant differentiator. In our third annual State of the Industry: Employee Wellbeing, Culture and Engagement Survey, we reveal that organizations from around the globe are already doing their part to prioritize to ensure they build healthy, happy employees to drive greater company culture and employee engagement.

Issued in conjunction with Human Capital Media, the survey asked over 600 HR and benefits leaders to weigh in on the current implementations and future applications of employee wellbeing, culture and engagement.

What did we uncover?

  • Building on Wellbeing: Employee wellbeing remains a top priority and organizations recognized its positive influence on employee engagement.

More organizations realize the value in placing employee health and wellbeing at the core of their workplace cultures and the competitive advantage it provides in terms of higher employee engagement, increased productivity and stronger business performance. In fact, 78% of this year’s State of the Industry survey respondents reporting that wellbeing is a key component of their business strategy.

  • Rules of Engagement Are Unknown: Increasing employee engagement is a priority, but organizations are unclear on the best approach.

Survey results point toward a lack of consensus around the strategies, tactics, challenges and results achieved to date. While organizations recognized the importance of developing employee engagement, 41% of organizations are either in the initial stages of defining employee engagement or have yet to begin an initiative to increase engagement in their organization.

  • Cashing in on Culture: Culture remains king, with 95% of survey respondents agreeing that organizational culture is important in driving business outcomes. The majority of organizations also have cultural outcomes specifically in mind when designing employee engagement programs.
  • Maturity Rules: The State of the Industry also revealed that employers that invest strategically in wellbeing, culture and engagement experience greater outcomes that measurably impact business performance from retention to productivity. They are less likely to face roadblocks as well, including securing budget and leadership buy-in.

What does it all mean for the world of work in 2017? Organizations that put employee health and wellbeing at the core of their workplace cultures will continue to enjoy a significant competitive advantage in terms of higher employee engagement, increased productivity and stronger business performance. As more organizations recognize wellbeing as a key component to their business strategy, we can expect the focus on employee wellbeing to shift from optional, nice-to-have programs, to mandatory, mission-critical business investments.

Discover why employee wellbeing, culture and engagement remain top HR priorities for driving organizations forward in 2017.  Download Virgin Pulse’s 2017 State of the Industry survey report to learn more.

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