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Virgin Pulse CEO David Osborne: Why Thrive Summit 2018 Makes a Difference

February 26, 2018 / Thrive 2018

Thrive Summit 2018 is going to be your best year yet.

It goes without saying that all of us at Virgin Pulse are pumped about our fifth annual customer conference, Thrive Summit 2018. We hope you’re pumped too, but in case you aren’t quite sure what all the fuss is about, here’s a quick interview with Virgin Pulse CEO David Osborne on why you’ve got to get your tush down to Miami for April 9th.

Why do you think HR leaders should attend Thrive? What’s the case they can make to their decision-makers for the go-ahead budget-wise to attend?

I know I’m preaching to the choir when I say that people who work in corporate wellness are the unsung heroes of their organization.

They are so passionate about helping people and often balance this passion with a struggle to receive adequate budget, a struggle to stay on the radar of the c-suite, and a struggle to engage large and diverse members of their employee populations. Thrive is a place where everyone attending knows what it’s like to feel the challenges and successes of implementing an innovative wellness-forward initiative and that results in a community of peers.

It’s this kind of intimate setting, coupled with the thought leadership sessions and breakouts, that make this conference unique. Almost all attendees are in the same boat and working towards common goals.

These are your people.

If we’re talking about getting the “okay” budget-wise for Thrive, here’s my position: financially, it pays dividends to attend.

I recently listened to a replay of a webinar we hosted with Central Michigan University, a long-time Virgin Pulse client, and learned that for every additional step each CMU employee takes, the cost of claims decreases $0.45. Every single step. For employees that started the program with a low step count, the average increase was 4,000 steps a day. The total savings is about $1800 a person.  This is real, tangible ROI.  And steps are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wellness. Broadening wellness programs beyond physical activity and adding mental and financial wellbeing have proven highly effective in increasing employee engagement and productivity.

And, we all know that wellbeing, engagement, and productivity lead to a more profitable organization. We know that this means reduced attrition and increased revenue. When making the case for budget to attend this conference, I would lead with this information, and make it clear that not being a wellness-driven organization truly affects the bottom line.

(Editor’s note: Here are a few additional resources when it comes to wellness and Value on Investment:
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What do you hope attendees take away with them when they leave Thrive Summit 2018?

What you’ll see are people coming and meeting new people (both on the stage and sitting beside them), rolling up sleeves and sharing ideas and pain points, and celebrating successes and failures. Thrive is an opportunity to hear from award-winning, high-performing, experienced, employers and take away thoughtful and practical best practices.

Thrive is a place for thought leadership. You’ll hear about emerging technology and forthcoming innovation (both in the industry and on our platform), and what’s you can look forward to in this space.

Ultimately, as the industry-leader in employee wellness software, we have a responsibility to share what we know with you, and bring in experts who can share with all of us.  And, we have a responsibility to learn from you as we continue to evolve this market.  Understanding your employee wellness strategies and goals and hearing how we can help you advance your wellbeing initiatives will allow us both to come away more informed and ready to transform your organization.

Any final words?

Yes, but only because I can’t resist…

Thrive Summit is FUN.

It’s a massive information download, but it’s also a ton of fun and an opportunity to network with your peers and exchange best practices. And this location, the Nobu Eden Roc Resort in Miami, is fantastic. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to a lot of conferences, and most don’t include morning yoga on the beach or an early morning 5K!

Also, this year, we’re walking the walk when it comes to inclusive family wellness. We’ll be offering tickets to spouses, family, or even friends for $250. They’ll be able to hear the keynotes, participate in the morning workouts, and attend the customer appreciation evening.

I know I’ll be there!

Have you reserved your spot at Thrive Summit 2018? Register now and take advantage of first-come, first-served discount rates at the Nobu Eden Roc Resort.

Renee Mitson Circle Photo

Renee Mitson is the Senior Manager of Content Marketing at Virgin Pulse. She loves living in Providence, and enjoys cycling and eating spicy food (but not at the same time). 

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